Joe Darko is a graduate from Penn State University, currently working for a major Global IT Company based in the United States. Joe was recently appointed as a Board of Adviser on Youthful Energy Foundation. He is also an author and a Public Speaker – Motivational and Religious. He also delivers his own workshops for various groups, college and high school students. These workshops were developed by him and has been received well by students and groups: Resume Building and Branding & Leadership. He started a non-profit called Give To The Future which is geared towards giving to needy students in middle and high schools. He volunteers to teach at least once a through Citizen Schools every year. The overall goal of Joe Darko is to positively affect the lives on individuals he comes in contact with. He wants to positively affect the world with His God given gifts, words, and blessings. As a firm believer in sacrifice and giving, Joe continues to find different avenues to give to elevate brokenhearted, the abandoned, the forgotten, and the needy through the touch of God. His posts are realistic since Joe tries to bring the touch of spirit of God to today’s society and generation. At the end of the day, Joe deems himself as a hopeless sinner, saved by Grace.

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