The Ultimate Authority & Plan of God

God's Master Plan

Have you ever yearned for a particular miracle for so long that you began to doubt that it will ever happen? Sometimes in life, we get to a certain place where we lose hope and so much faith that we forget about the ultimate authority and power of God. I know I’ve been there and you’ve probably been there yourself. Sarah was in the exact same position.

In Genesis 18, some angels visited Abraham. While they ate, one angel said that Sara (Abraham’s wife will bear a child). Sarah overheard their conversation and laughed. I probably would have laughed too. You probably would have done the same. Abraham and Sarah were old and there were no Viagra to help their cause; so of course there was lack of faith and doubt.

How was this awaited miracle going to happen in the midst of doubt? Simple: God. When God chooses to lift you up from a specific situation, (while faith at times, is a prerequisite for miracles) He the creator of the Universe has the ultimate power and authority to override your lack of faith and doubts to perform a miracle in your life for His Glory. God had a plan for Abraham and Sarah and not even Sarah’s laughter or lack of faith was going to stop His plan.

God has a plan for your life. You might have lost faith in Him. You may have some doubts but for the sake of His Glory, His plans for your life will come to pass. Believe it or not, but I hope you will believe.

Read, Share, Comment! God bless!

Joe Darko

Instagram: @joe_darko
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