Why are the Redskins playing better? One word: Fearless

RedskinsThe Washington Redskins are playing the best football I’ve seen since 2012. To be frank, they’ve actually surprised me with their recent from (4 wins in a row) and there is definitely something different about this team and as a long time Redskins’ fan, I can sense it. You know what, I LIKE THAT.

The defining moment for me came when the Redskins were playing the Bills. It was 3rd & 7 but a false start penalty moved the Redskins back 5 yards. At 3rd & 12, as a long time Redskins’ fan, I thought they were going to throw a two yard pass and magically get a first down as they have done for decades But something happened: Cousins stepped back and with a five step drop, rifled the ball between defenders for Pierre Garcon for a first down. I was in shock. Seriously. For the past 10 years or so, I have not seen a Redskins’ team playing so fearlessly. This is something a Patriots’ team under Tom Brady will do. This is what a Colts’ team led by Manning will do: they will play to win the game and they will want it more than their opponents. But this is my beloved Redskins under Kirk Cousins – a QB who the whole world doubted. A QB who almost doubted his capabilities and a team which was pegged to finish dead last. They proved everyone wrong and I certainly LIKE THAT.

This fearless attitude started before the season when Jay Gruden made a bold decision to play Kirk Cousins over Robert Griffin. It was not a popular decision and he could have lost his job if things didn’t pan out. But he believed in himself, believed his guts and believed Kirk Cousins was the right person for his system. To be honest, I believed Kirk Cousins was the better QB for that specific system, but I didn’t think Kirk Cousins was going to learn and grow this fast in one season. I simply thought Jay Gruden was going to be fired for being so bold and fearless – but it worked for him, it worked for the Redskins and it sure works for me. I LIKE THAT.

Players like Hall (who I am beginning to believe is a vampire) is playing at a high level – hitting running backs like a linebacker. Breeland is not afraid to cover the best receivers on the field, Will Compton invokes fear in offenses and Kerrigan and Preston Smith are hunting QBs. Our D-line with Hatcher, Francois, Hatcher are being disruptive while Mason and Dashon continue to make crucial plays. The offense is clicking. Jordan Reed is busy being a beast while Jackson and Garcon are destroying defenders with speed and hands. This team is something else and I LIKE THAT.

The Redskins might not have played a winning team this season (2015 season), but believe this, they are not afraid to. I’m not in the locker room, but I strongly believe that this team is ready to take on any team in the NFL. They are ready to fight for every inch and ready to defend every inch. They are not afraid to fail. They are not afraid to make mistakes and they are not afraid to “go to war” for each other on the field, because they know that fear will cripple them on the field. They are FEARLESS and to be honest, they want to win more than the other team does – they make themselves believe that and make the other team believe it too. They are not afraid, they invoke fear. They bring the fear which can’t defeat them. This new-found attitude is what Championship teams are made of and the Redskins are a Championship caliber team. I believe it and I’m not afraid to say it. I LIKE THAT!

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Joe Darko

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