I’m a die hard Redskins fan and I love what DeSean Jackson did!


DeSean Jackson

Yes, be mad at him all you want. Hate him all you want, but that guy plays with passion: DeSean Jackson. I like DJax, but I am a Redskins fan first. With that said, you have to appreciate players who play with passion and who want to win at all cost.

Call that a “bone head” move – that is what it is, but up until that point, the game between the Washington Redskins and the Cowboys was a boring one. A game which solidified the words of the pundits: a rivalry of two dead teams. The game was boring not because of the Cowboys, but because of the Redskins. They were flat out out-coached. With a backup QB, the Cowboys were more than willing to take risks and actually looked like the team ahead of the NFC East or should I say, NFC “least”. The Cowboys did not stop looking for Dez Byrant or Williams or Jason Witten – they kept looking for ways to push the ball downfield.

On the other hand, the Redskins were playing extremely conservative. On that note, the offensive coordinator should be fired or the head coach should go. The Redskins actually have a very decent team. They have two or three speedy receivers who can start for any team. They have a tight end who can also start for any team in the league, two good running backs and a decent QB who can manage a game. But during the Monday Night game, the Cowboys looked like least in the East. To be honest, as a Redskins fan, this is not the team I want representing us in the playoffs. We simply did not want to win.

As I watched the game, I constantly said to myself “we don’t want to win this game”. “the Redskins are going to lose because there is no fire and passion on the offense” – hold and behold, we lost! We deserved it. We did not play to win, but to lose. The running game wasn’t working, but we kept running and running. As a former football player, I understand why you sometimes stick to your game plan, but as a winner I understand why you sometimes have to do whatever it takes to win – which might include ditching your game plan and do what is working. The passing game was working. Whenever the Cowboys blitzed, our fast receivers were open, but we decided to continue to run the ball and sometimes run into the blitz. (Pause for a minute – does Kirk Cousin know how to audible or check out of a play?) Yes, at times the run game looked good but for the most part, it was not working. The Cowboys were in man coverage 85% of the time and were 75% of the time sending 1 or 2 linebackers on a blitz, this means, your fast receivers are more than often in 1 vs. 1 coverage. Which offensive coordinator wouldn’t salivate over that. It’s not like the Redskins were going against Darrell Revis and Richard Sherman – they were going against beatable cornerbacks. Give DeSean a chance and take the top off the defense, throw it to Reed more than 3 times a game, throw it Garcon on crossing routes, hit one of our receivers deep – heck, we might get a passing interference call. Simply play to win! Take chances! And that is what DeSean did.

He took a chance. A risky chance and it cost the Redskins badly, but he was trying to change the fate of the game. Let’s be honest, the Redskins were not going to win that game no matter what (especially after the first quarter of play). The Cowboys wanted it more and were better prepared and better coached. DeSean Jackson being a winner was willing to change that fate. He wanted the ball and wanted to win so bad that he was willing to take a costly chance. It did cost the Redskins, but the game was lost in the first 4 drives. We forced 3 turnovers but came up with 6 points. The game was not lost because of DeSean Jackson, it was because of leadership and vision (or lack there of) stemming from coaches. Let’s be honest.

Yes, I’m a Redskins fan and I love what DeSean Jackson did. He showed he wanted to make something happen. In life, those who succeed are the ones who push beyond their luck they persevere, they take risks, sometimes higher risks, they take chances, they play to win the game!

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