Dear Western World, Africa Does Not Need Your “Band Aid” Help – A Short Open Letter

An Open LetterDear Western World,

If you want to really help Africa, then stop sending us money. The money and “band aid” help only temporarily stops the bleeding. Get your hands off our Diamonds, Gold, Timber, Oil and our natural resources. If you are not fighting for fundamental structural changes to help alleviate the the real issues permanently, then we do not need your thousands nor millions of dollars. This “aid” is only to further exploit us for your own benefit.

You want to help Africa, well, fight the WTO and IMF to change their biased policies towards Africa. We have the natural resources to sustain ourselves. Your money won’t help because it is going to the pockets of our corrupt leader; but your power in influencing policies will actually help. You know what to do, but you might not do it because because of greed.

We understand that we do not have some of the best leaders. We understand that corruption has magnificently prevailed in our system but to be honest, you enjoy this. Where one loses, one gains! A corrupt Africa benefits the Western World. How? You can easily influence government officials for “favors” which benefits the West. A corrupt Africa is a weak Africa – this means, any superpower can easily “buy” power and influence. A corrupt African eventually leads to “brain drain” – our best students will not want to come back to African to help after studying abroad – they would rather stay and pay taxes. Where the system is broken, only the strong survives. Only the West and the corrupt leaders in Africa will benefit.

Africa understands what she needs to do, so do not add fuel to the fire. Get your hands off our natural resources and empower Africans to rise up against corruption starting with policies against global organisations looking out for their friends in the West. Use your power and influence to change policies if you truly care.

You claim you care, then take on this challenge and show us.

Joe Darko.

Instagram: @joe_darko
Twitter: @joe_darko
Facebook: Joe ForChrist Darko

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