Plants Grow Through Dirt; So Should You!

Plant Growing Through Dirt

Plant Growing Through Dirt

Have you ever seen a heartfelt video on YouTube with thousands of “likes” and no “dislikes”? Me neither -yet to see one. I have watched countless of great inspirational and music videos which cut across ethnicity, race and religion but there is always someone, somewhere who takes their time to dislike them – I always wondered “who could ever dislike such a video?”. This is to tell you three things: People will always have an opinion (good or bad), people will always express their opinion, and you have the power to allow their opinion to hurt you or help you.

People are always going to form opinions concerning you. Yes, you will be criticized for doing good. You will be criticized for not being “normal”. You will be criticized for your own beliefs and your faith, and in some parts of the world, you might be killed for what you believe in or stand for. You will be judged by what you look like, how you act, how you think, how you talk and how you choose to exist. It is life. Often at times, it is not what other’s think or say about us, but rather, how we live our lives and who we are willing to please. Pleasing others is definitely not the best route, because you will end up hurting yourself.

The most beautiful flowers, plants or trees we see do not grow on carpets, they grow IN and THROUGH dirt! Some even grow through thorns. The flowers, plant or trees (seed) soak up the nutrients from the dirt, take what it needs and while IN the ground/dirt grows to bear fruits or turn into beautiful flowers. The plants or seed which stays in the dirt for too long, without growing in time will eventually die. For the plant to survive fully and healthy, after it soaks up the necessary nutrient the dirt, it must make its way THROUGH it and allow the opportunity for the sun to shine on it and blossom and/or bear fruits.

Just like a plant/tree, the dirt we receive are the criticisms, lies, gossips and insults of others. People constantly throw dirt on us, our dreams, our visions and even our mere existence. The dirt they throw is not supposed to help us initially – it is supposed to destroy us. It is supposed to bring us down and stop our progress; but like a plant/tree, to grow successfully, we will have to soak in all the nutrients we can, use what is meant to hurt us to help catapult us to greatness. Just like a tree growing THROUGH the dirt, we have no choice but to grow THROUGH all the negativity surrounding us or else we stand the chance of allowing our dreams and visions to die in the same soil we will be buried in when it’s all said and done.

Whatever you are doing, so long as it’s pleasing to God first, yourself and it’s adding value to society, do not stop. Keep pushing and keep growing. Millions of others are depending on your goals. Millions are depending on your visions and dreams. Millions are relying on you. You matter. What you do matter. How you develop matters. The legacy you leave behind matters. You are far more important and relevant than you think. You have influence. You have a purpose. You were not a mistake. You were not an accident. You will be opposed, you will be talked about, you will be criticized, you will be mistaken, you will judged, you will be hated, but “the gates of hades will not prevail against you..”

Joe Darko
Instagram: @joe_darko
Twitter: @joe_darko
Facebook: Joe ForChrist Darko

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