Amazing Experience With FIFA 14 On The XBoxOne – You Will Love It Too!

On Field Antics in FIFA on the XBOXOne leading to ban and suspension

On Field Antics in FIFA on the XBOXOne leading to ban and suspension

*Disclaimer: My thoughts and opinions and not of my employer*

While I was unwinding from work yesterday, I decided to play some FIFA 14 on the Xbox One. I was playing a game in Career Mode – “To Be A Pro” as Joe Darko – myself  (a young 19 year old from Ghana trying to make his way to the top to join the big names).

After a couple of games, I received various e-mails from the assistant manager about my “antics on the field”  and got suspended a couple of times. This was frustrating, because “Joe Darko” on the field was just scoring goals and not doing anything wrong. Then it hit me: anytime the referee made a bad call, I would yell at my TV and say stuff like “Really referee, you got to be freaking kidding me”, “what in the world”, “what the heck is that call for”, “wasn’t that a freaking offside”, “are you getting paid” and so on (I really did not swear… but apparently, these were fighting words). Come to find out, the Kinect would actually pick up these words and the tone of my voice, report it to the referee and the referee will report it to my authorities (see the picture above). I was really fascinated and decided to test it out. So I played one last game and this time around, for testing purposes decided to swear at the ref. Well, guess was happened.. he was not happy, paused the game at some point to have a word with me, and I got banned! As soccer fanatic and a FIFA game player, this is absolutely AWESOME!

The future of gaming and entertainment is definitely BRIGHT.. especially with the XBoxOne and Kinect. This system is not only changing the living room, but changing the gaming experience for the better!  If you do not have yourself an XBoxOne or XBoxOne with the Kinect, you should definitely plan on getting one – whether you are a hardcore gamer or not, this is a system for everyone – from people who enjoy playing video games and people who enjoy playing it once in a while and just want to have a good time. It is the future and you definitely have the opportunity to live on the cutting edge of it.

P.S: For those of you who like swearing and getting your frustration out during game play, remember that this only works in a certain Game Mode. If you are playing online with a friend or a visiting friends, you won’t be reprimanded for swearing – so you can still swear your life away :). . This was developed for this mode of Game Play in FIFA 14 (Be A Pro) to make things interesting and in a way, realistic – if you are trying to be a pro at any sport in real life, you won’t be allowed to say any everything to the official on the field or on court either.

– Joe Darko


  1. Saw a video on youtube and from your experience I will start saving for some.. it will really be nice to see the ref’s behavior would be when I curse in fanti

  2. Fifa 14 of Xbox One is pretty amazing. I am excited about the future titles of this franchise with the capabilities that the new systems have.

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