My Message To Africans – “I Am Sick & Tired”


Africa, the Beautiful

The beautiful Africa! Filled with natural life and resources, yet we are poor. We are not poor because we don’t have enough, we are poor because we are greedy. Now, let’s not blame our leaders but let’s look within ourselves: How many times have we visited our beloved continent after years of staying abroad? We go on expensive vacations to other places, spend money to enrich their economy but we refuse to do the same for our continent. Yes, you are entitled to go anywhere you want to go in this world, but have made an attempt to visit the motherland? Yes, the conditions might not fit your current lifestyle and no one is asking you to pack your bags and go live there (even though that will be great), but it will be great to go back and see the conditions the people are living in and possibly think of a way you can assist.

I am sick and tired of Africans tearing each other apart instead of building each other up. Africans are being exploited in their own continent. The rest of the world is taking advantage of us all because they see that we are more than willing to look out for ourselves at the expense of our neighbors. They see us divided and “a house divided shall not stand”. It is obvious, we are willing to bring each other down instead of supporting each other. It obvious in Africa and oversees. An African will try to harness their talent but will get no support; an African will start a charity, a project or a program but will get no support; but we are more than willing to support foreign ventures (which is not wrong to do), but if we are going to take care of others, we better start taking care of our own for “Charity does begin at home”. The biggest excuse you hear from this issue is “we don’t trust Africans”.

Honestly, I am sick and tired. What do you mean by you don’t trust Africans? Who do you trust? I mean, you shouldn’t trust anyone but God to begin with, but what is the point of not trusting your own? Yes, we might not have the best track record when it comes to trust, but believe that the “devil you know is better than the angel you don’t know”. We are quick to trust others but our own. If you are not going to trust your own, then you might as well not trust any human in general, because the good Book says “the heart of a man is wicked” – the heart of man, yes, the Asian, the Caucasian, the Hispanic and of course the African. 

I am sick and tired of the corruption eating up our continent. Yes, corruption is a product of greed. We might all be greedy to some degree, but should we be greedy to the point that we are willing to kill one another? Should we be greedy to the point that we are willing to watch our neighbors starve and die? Should we be greedy to the point that the same people we lead are the same people we exploit? Should our greed cost the lives of our kids and women? Should our greed destroy? If our greed is going to lead to all this, there we might as well not be greedy anymore. 

I am sick and tired of the lack of accountability. We wonder why our leaders are getting away with a corruption. Our leaders know we are only going to talk and rant and not act – no wonder they are always doing what they promised not to do. When are we going to stand and say to our leaders “Enough Is Enough”? When are we going to hold them accountable to their responsibilities and actions? With accountability comes adherence to responsibilities. Our leaders are only human like you and me and you know for a fact that they are bound to be tempted and not do as they promised. Yes, there are systems in place to help avoid corruption but it is left to the citizens to get up and act and not only speak; these systems need humans to fuel it to run efficiently. If they know we will be quick to act, they will not act up. Let’s not be complacent.

I am indeed sick and tired! Us Africans can be very spiritual, but spirituality without faith is dead and faith without works is dead as well. Meaning, we got to strike a balance, we got to be spiritual, have faith and work towards our faith. We can’t say we want to stop corruption, fast and pray 24/7 and not act about it. In case you didn’t know God is not a magician. No, He is not. He is not going to come down and immediately fix everything, He is going to need people who are willing to stand up and act on their faith. Look through History and you will see that God used men who acted more than proclaiming their faith. These were men and women of action: Yaa Asantewa of Ghana, Kwame Nkrumah of Ghana, Nelson Mandela of South Africa and so on and so forth. These men and women acted on their faith, trusting God that their actions will bring about change and it did. They did not curl up in their rooms to fast and pray for 90 days for things to change. Don’t get me wrong, as a believer, I believe in fasting and praying, but do not let any Pastor, Prophet or Preacher lead you astray by telling you not to act out in faith. Even the Prophets in the Bible acted out on faith! 

I am sick and tired of the fighting among ourselves. Why are Christians fighting Muslims? For what reason? To see whose God is powerful? Why are we destroying each other for no good reason? Why is one ethnic group rising up against another ethnic group? We should accept our differences, appreciate the beauty in our differences and out of love, tolerate one another – we should not only stop there but extend that love to other nations and all people. Not every “Akata” is a criminal, not every White person is a racist, not every Muslim is a terrorist, not every Nigerian partake in fraud and not every Ghanaian eats fufu or dances azonto. Let’s get rid of the preconceived notions about our own and other, let us look beyond what separates us and look ahead of what binds us together: we are all humans, living on earth and will one day die irrespective of how much we gather here on earth out of greed or hate. 

Africa is beautiful, Africa is gorgeous. We have our resources, we have our jungles. We are blessed in so many ways, but we are allowing our blessings become a curse.

Yes, I might be sick and tired, but it is only because I want Africa to get well and healthy – In a nutshell, I am Africa, you are Africa. All the concerns/problems stated above is something we all Africans can relate to; as a matter fact, we are the biggest contributing factor. We are sick and tired: we are corrupt, we pull each other down, we tear each other apart, we don’t trust each other, we are not stepping up to act, we over spiritualize and don’t act on faith. We are seriously sick and tired, but we can all get better. The change we want to see in Africa is the change we should see in us first and foremost, because we all contribute to the problems in Africa and we are the only one who can help turn this around. Do not just see the change in you, act and bring about the change you want to see.



  1. Yes the inner frustrations are very true and valid. As an African I often share in your feelings and your stance. We must be the change we want to see in world. The great thing about it all is there’s always hope. It starts with me and you. May you continue this conversation and place this emotion in all the work and change you create. That is what I am all about. Up and Onward! Great Post!
    Best Wishes,


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