Justin Beiber Arrested? Let’s Take Some Blame & Learn A Lesson

Justin Beiber's Mug Shot

Justin Beiber’s Mug Shot

I know you have all heard of Justin Beiber’s arrest. Some of you are happy, others are sad – especially  some of the girls in middle school. But the old and wise among us are probably not surprised and they are most likely saying “well, its about time.. we knew it was coming“. 

My News Feed in the Social Media world is buzzing with this headline. Almost everyone has something to say about it, and almost everyone is bashing this poor young man. I am not here to defend Justin Beiber or to protect his image, but  I here to shed some light to his situation which we often seem to ignore. Most importantly, I am here to learn a lesson.

Ask yourself this, besides Hilary Duff, how many of these young celebrities actually turn out to be responsible adults? Definitely not a good number. Being young and having a lot of people bowing down to you can do more damage than good. These young stars are exploited by the big corporations, placed on the pedestal by the media, and hailed by the public (us). A young man or woman with that much attention, money and power will only go wayward especially without some guidance. But how many young children will allow themselves to be subject to their parents authority if they make more money than their parents will ever make in their lives combined? I don’t know about you, but my African parents would be strict with the belt regardless of how much money is in my account. I am not trying to justify Justin Beiber’s actions, but trying to understand where these ongoing problems (child celebrities acting up) might stem from.

Let’s face the music: fame and money at a very early age can be extremely detrimental to the growth process and maturity of young adults. Money is powerful! And it has a way of making you think that you are invisible, especially if you are not wise enough handle the pressures, responsibilities, privileges, trials and tribulations which comes with it.

I am not here to defend Justin Beiber, if he has committed a crime and the law finds him guilty, and there is no way around it, then he should serve his time. I am also not going to judge him either, at the end of the day he is only human just like you and me; and as humans, we are all subject to the failures and fall of others. I am only here to learn from where people have fallen and failed. On that note, as I pray for good health, peace, and prosperity, I pray I will not be consumed by what God has or will bless me with. I pray I will mature as God would like me to, and I pray I will allow my blessings be a blessing unto others instead of problem to anyone – with the exception of my enemies of course, my success will always be a problem to them.

Hope you all enjoy the rest of your day.

Feel free to share and debate.

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