Inside The Minds of Successful People

My role model, Bill Gates!

My role model, Bill Gates!

I have the opportunity to know some successful people and blessed enough to be friend some – example my God father, my co-workers, and others. Yes, I have some successful people around my age  group as well – they are doing big and wonderful things in this generation! I really do enjoy their presence but for the most part,since I like to be successful myself (just like anybody else), I learn from them and I have been able to pick their brains on some of the things they do so well which enables them to be successful and stay successful.

Before you read the 5 pointers below, you need to clearly state and define what SUCCESS means to you. As for me, “Success is a belief. You define success based on what you believe success is”.

The successful people around me are:

1. Goal & Passion Oriented Instead of Money Oriented

They usually have a set of goals which are clearly defined, measurable and attainable in a timely manner. They are also passionate about their goals and dreams and they do not let anything or anyone kill their passion – this gives them an extra element to be successful: focus. Successful people can’t be knocked off their passion. Their passion is their “grind” and it is what motivates them. At times, you might you might think they are crazy because of this trait because they become so consumed with their goals and passion to the point that they sometimes looking ridiculous and come off as weird. Money is not their focus simply because their goals and passions are bigger than any amount of money they can get. The trick here is that, they eventually end up getting more money and in the end, become very financially successful and stable.

2. Possess Great Time Management Skills

At first, successful people might come across as stingy with their time. They understand the fact that “something got to give” to be successful and stay successful. For some reason, they seem “unplugged” from whatever they are involved in and they are very cautious with who they spend their time with and how they spend it. Waste their time with anytime and that might be the last minute or hour you will get from them – this is because they understand that time wasted is time they might never get back. Every minute of their time must yield something in return and it is seen as an investment to them.

3. Positive Individuals

To get on the bad side of a successful person, simply be a “negative nancy” around them and you might get the axe. The same way misery needs company, success needs positivity. Positivity is what drives them to succeed. They hate the words “Cannot”, “Will Not”, “Fail”, “Defeat”, and etc. Do not think they are delusional, because they are some of the most realistic people you might meet but they seem to have a pinch of optimism in the tank even when things do not look right. They always bounce back and they always continue to accomplish anything they set their mind to. When they fall, never expect them not to get back no matter how long it takes. No matter how bad a morning might start, the day will be the perfect opportunity to make things better.

4. Never Complaining or Blaming Without Action – Accountability

These people never or barely complain about anything. They do not seek out to blame but always seek out to act. You  never here them say “well, the government did this and that…”. If you hear them say that, it will be like this: “well, the government did this and that, but I am going to do this and that…”. Complaining is almost like a waste of time to them, because the energy spent on complaining will be used to do other things. When they complain, know that actions will follow. They always find something wrong with themselves, hence they never point fingers that much. For example, if a CIO delegates a specific duty to an individual and the individual fails, the CIO might simply fire the individual then report back to the CEO saying, “I am sorry I let this company down, but it won’t happen again”. They might hint to the CEO that it wasn’t their fault but they wont dwell on it because they hold themselves accountable. Every situation is not totally out of their control because they will always find a way to keep themselves in the puzzle and keep themselves relevant.They are not afraid of accountability because they are not afraid of challenges.

5. Never Defeated and Never Fail

Look around you – People who are successful or want to be successful are the ones who do not stay defeated and never fail because every defeat is a lesson and every failure is just an opportunity to get better and succeed. While others lay down forever when ever they experience some level of defeat or failure, successful people take some time off, but bounce right back. They never fail to learn and never fail to succeed.

Share Your Thoughts 🙂

– Joe Darko


  1. Well said Joe. Short but concise. For me the biggest struggle is time management and it is something I see a lot of people in our generation fail at. People say facebook and youtube are the problem. I think it is people’s lack of a disciplined attitude towards those websites.

  2. nice piece that makes me have a fair idea of how to be on the right part to success but friends and girlfriends sometimes makes you feel like you “tooo know” when you start acting all focused and serious.Its a nice piece and with God anything is possible.

  3. Well said,Joe.
    I personally believe these are the tool that keep successful people going an to those of us who are will to succeed at all cost will adopt this and implement them in ur daily endourvers…

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