Why Nice Guys Do Not Finish Last

Is he going to finish last? No!

In today’s society, it is believed that nice guys “finish last”. I am here to debunk this statement once and for all because I believe that nice guys DO NOT finish last.

Before I get into this, I would like for us to define the term “nice guy”. A lot of females tag boys who naturally like them and who are into them for their best interest as “nice guys”. This is the kind of guy who usually opens the and hold the door for her. This is the type of guy who will take the girl out to eat, get to know her and actually offer to pay for the meal. This is the kind of guy who was probably raised by a real man who taught him how to be a gentleman and this is the kind of guy who probably saw his dad treat his mom with respect. But the term “nice guy” has a negative connotation and is usually perceived as a guy who is desperate to be with a particular girl, who is “pressing” and who is probably a “loser”.

Grant it, there are some guys out there who I will certainly not condone their actions especially when it comes to dealing with females. Some of these guys probably lack some advice or two on how to approach a female and keep a female interested. I mean, you can’t and should not act desperate, you can’t be pushy, and you simply can’t your put your whole life on hold all because of a female. Best believe that females will always want a man who is pursing something and focuses on other important things besides her alone. Yes, they will complain and all, but to be honest, that will never change; complaining for them comes with experience and they get better at it. I remember I used to talk to this girl a while back and she always wanted to hang out with me on Sundays. Now, my Sundays are solely reserved for Church, Family, Playing Soccer and Watching Football. I have been doing this for years. So I simply told the girl, “listen, I know you would like to hang out with me, but I have been doing this for years, and I will simply not be able to drop this and hang with you on Sundays – maybe on another day”. Now, she was not pleased with this, but as a matter of fact, she came to respect me and my time. Now, what a probably desperate guy will do is “Okay, sure. I will drop everything I love to do just for you”. There is time for everything (time to make sacrifices for your partner), you do so but don’t always do that at your expense because as a guy it makes you seem desperate and of course the girls begins to think, “of course he can’t say no, he has nothing else to do” – guess what, you are being looked like a loser. Ladies, if a guy acts desperate, then that’s what he is. He is being nice because he is desperate NOT he is actin desperate because he is nice – such a guy is desperate and pressed! Sometimes, he might be “stalkish” and this is by no means a nice guy, but a guy with problems.

Before I lose my train of thought (I am getting hungry), Nice Guys Do Not Finish Last all because at the end of the day, the same girls who will choose a “bad boy” over a “nice guy” end up complaining the most and end up dissatisfied with their decision. Let’s be real here. Have you ever seen the winner of any event complaining? Never! Winners do not complain but the people who lose or finish last usually do. Nice guys at the end of the day WIN and finish FIRST! At the end of the day, they find a woman who appreciates them for who they are. They find a woman who would like to be treated like a queen and enjoy being respected.

There is a fine line between being nice and being desperate and “pressed”. Nice guys at first might come off as desperate because to be frank, A LOT of females are used to “whack guys”. A lot of females are so used to a guy not wanting to take them out, a guy not willing to respect them, a guy who usually physically or verbally abuses them, a guy who is not a gentleman, a guy who is willing to cheat and play them. To be honest with you, look around you. It starts at a very young age. A lot of these girls are not used to having real men and real gentlemen treat them right so they see such things as foreign and they do not understand sometimes, can’t come to terms with it. Like the saying goes, “people fear what they do no understand”. A lot of girls like to live in that comfort zone of being used to someone who might not be treating them right. Believe me when I say this, some of these girls know what they deserve, but its either they are not willing to give up on the guy because they believe they can change him (mind you, YOU CAN’T) or they simply do not want to be single again (which is foolishness if you ask me). The secret is, you got to be a nice guy but know how and when to put your foot down. Females are very beautiful and interesting creatures. Give them an inch, they will take a yard. That is them and you can’t do anything about it. As males, we should learn how to appreciate females for who and what they are but we should not put up with anything out of the ordinary.

Females, you are the future mother of presidents, heads of states, lawyers, doctors, engineers, etc. We need you at this young age to be treated right for your sanity and the sanity of these future leaders. Please do not deem a guy as a “nice guy” just because he has been brought up as a gentleman. But rather, appreciate and respect him even if you do not like him, because someone else will love him. At the end of the day, Nice Guys Do Not Finish Last. 


  1. It’s not the nice guys that finish last. It is the stupidly naive guys that do. There is a difference. Being nice is not an excuse to become a chic’s door mat.
    Great article!

  2. sadly the ‘negative connotation’ is mostly a view point of women from the US,Southern and Western Africa,Northern and Eastern African women as well as those from the far east still value the idea of a ‘nice guy’…to strengthen your point,most of them(Asian,Eastern and North African women) are brought up in well balanced families with both parents who are probably married.

  3. Experience they say… btw I agree with you about the tyme factor with your new found. Once you draw that boundary theres no miscommunication.

  4. Nice guys don’t settle for rude girls. Nice girls don’t settle for bad boys. I’ve know girls who seem to have never date any guy who wasn’t a jerk. I’ve also known girls who have never been on a date with anyone who didn’t treat them like a princess. What do you think the difference is?

  5. Wow very nice written! I understand how we females can be but it is very nice to be treated like a queen, but at the same time it’s important not to control the guy… Very very nice written Joe, hoping for more!(:

  6. makes a good read but i disagree with you on a lot…. most females arent exactly used to being abused and treated wrongly like you stated. Thats a very wrong perception.

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