Let’s Seriously Talk About SEX

I do have some interesting followers on twitter. I mean, they sometimes make my day go by faster. I have all sorts of followers: Christians, Muslims, Jews, Non-believers, shy tweeters, and bold tweeters who will tweet anything off their mind. I mean, some of the tweets can be offensive and some can perverted, and of course some need to be censored, but thats what the world is all about: differences. Differences in views, opnions, beliefs, religion, faith and lifestyle. I accept them them all to be honest. (Hopefully, my religious and inspirational quotes inspire them). You can follow me as well @joe_darko

I read a friend’s (Amber) tweet which stated: @LiLxHOPE “About one in every 3 sexually active Americans has hpv o_O”. If you know me, you will know that I think about EVERYTHING and EVERYTHING. So this obviously had me thinking about sex. Of course, anytime I’m thinking about something, my religious views get in the picture. So I began to think about sex and why God created sex.

First off, let me say this: I am in no way, shape or form judging anyone and calling anyone out. I mean, who am I to judge? All things being equal, you have your flaws, and I certainly and definitely have mines. If should myself a Christian, then I should follow the Bible and “…worship God in spirit and in TRUTH”, (meaning, I have to be real with God first, and then myself and the society in which I live in). I am not here to please anyone, but God; so I will not tell you a lie to save face but be real with the issue at hand.

Why did God create sex?

God simply created sex for married couples. Sex was first meant for procreation and also for married couples to be intimate with each other and enjoy each other. God, the master scientist knew sex was a healthy activity, but simply abolished it outside of marriage. Someone may ask. Why? (I know I asked the same question)

God wanted only married couples to have sex because it comes with so much complications outside of marriage. Someone may ask again “but, why marriage and not a relationship”? Well, marriage was mandated by God as a sign of two people who love each other based on trust, faithfulness, commitment and oneness. Outside of marriage, these pillars of love are not guaranteed; hence the phrase: “if you are not married, then you are single”. Outside of marriage, the person is not obligated to you and you alone (sad as it is, it is true – and yes, I do believe in relationships). The person can get up one day and say, “Ermmm, I don’t want to be in this relationship anymore. I want out”, and thre is nothing you can do or should do about it. Outside of marriage, especially when there is no base of commitment (especially in today’s society), the other person can do whatever they want to do – sad enough; and sometimes it leads to lack of trust and faithfulness within the confinement of the relationship. If this is the case, then the complications of sex outside marriage is most likely the main reasons why God did not want anyone to have pre-marital sex.

Every single rule, commandment, or law God has for us, is meant to protect us. It is not meant to hinder our life experience and it is not meant for our lives to be “boring” and what not. It is meant for our protection, our safety, and our growth towards prosperity in all areas and aspects of life. No parent will make up a rule just to prevent his/her child for living and loving life to its fullest.

What are some of the complications of pre-marital sex?

1. Unwanted rollercoaster emotions: I mean, once you have sex with someone, you sometimes feel the person owe you something, our you are entitled to marry or be with that person (or maybe, you owe them something). Some guys have expressed that when they take a girl’s virginity, the girl becomes clingy. Well, DUH! She is supposed to, because she gave you something special. She gave you something she has held to higher grounds and she trusted you. You have exchanged fuilds, and not only that. This leads to emotions that can’t be explained in words. God wants you not to worry about those emotions, so you can focus on what he has for you in life. One of the few times you can fully focus on that is when you are not emotionally destroyed or when you are married, because you trust the other person won’t leave due to the sacred commitments they have made before God and you. Your emotions can rest, be at peace and focus on what else is important.

2. Chid being born out of wedlock: You should see some of my friends who worry about getting a girl pregnant. I mean, they do not sleep for days when the girl tells them: “hey, I think I am pregnant, because I my period is not here yet”. They worry about the decisions to make, how they are going to take care of the child (if they are going to keep it). The girls are usually affected by this the most. They will have to drop out of school for a couple of months, carry the baby for 9 months and still have to take care of the child when it is born. Do you think God will give you something you are not prepared for? This sometimes is unnecessary headache at that point of time in life. When you are married, you will not have to worry about having a child, because you know the other person is there to support you emotionally, physically and spiritually. You have that assurance and you have that peace of mind that you can bring forth a child in this world and take care of the child.

3. STDs: The other person you are sleeping with probably has slept with a handful of others. You do not even know who they have slept with and what they are carrying with them. Like my friend stated, 1 in 3 Americans have HPV. This is scary. The HPV can be transmitted orally and guys don’t show symptoms. With the ladies, certain strains of hpv cause cervical cancer get that vaccine. This is not even the worst that can happen. But in all reality, there is no way God will want his creation (man/woman) to suffer from such diseases.

After thinking about this, I now understand why God will be against pre-marital sex. After all, He is simply a good God who wants nothing but the best for his children. We all know our flaws in this world. We are know our weaknesses, but it is a constant battle to move from good to better, better to best. We should all do our best to move to the right place no matter how difficult it may be and no matter how many times we have fallen in the past or falling now. Like I always say, everything God does is for Kingdom Purposes and Our Benefit.


      1. I agree 100%. i know there are poeple who still believe they do not have to be tied dowm in the name of MARRIAGE, they love to “HAVE FUN”. And they believe they can take good care of their child thuS, if they have one. What they forget most at tImes is that they can contract STD’s. Thanks for the EDUCATION.

  1. You did say relationships break up easily which i totally agree, but so do marriages in today’s society, so what difference does it make in having sex in a relationship rather than waiting till marriage when there is no guarantee of how long your marriage would last. I am not saying this looking at broken marriages of unbelievers but rather Christians.

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