Month: November 2011

5 Things Men Don’t Understand About Women

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I still stick to the notion that women are very special. I mean, take a look at creation. After God created everything else, he sat down and probably said to himself “Man, I am good. This is beautiful, BUT, there is something missing..” I bet God knew something important was not there, so he created a woman. After the creation of a woman, God was then satisfied with it all, and the Bible said “He rested on the seventh day”.

Women are special in so many ways. “If you educate an man, you educate an individual, if you educate a woman, you eucate a whole nation”. Out of woman comes life. If you want to defeat any man at anything, use a woman. Women are not only special, but they are very powerful. In the Bible, the strongest man in the worl was Samson. Samson’s defeat was at the hands of Delilah. Look at all the great leaders, politicans, and etc. they all usually fall because of a woman. You can never deny the importance of womena nd the influence they have in this world. Their influence is sadly downplayed in this society. All in all, we should appreciate and cherish our women.

With that being said, as men, WE WILL NEVER fully understand women. They even do not even understand each other. They will agree that they are complicated. But yet again, that is the beauty about them. It is like finding peace in the presence of war; finding calm during the storm and finding happiness during the sorrow; those moments are usually the most cherished. Women are complicated, but there is some sort of beauty that comes with the them being difficult and them being complicated. As men, no matter how much we complain about our women being nagging, complicated and difficult, we never stop caring and wanting to be with them – talk about power.

But let’s face it, there are certain things we will never understand about them. Below is the top 5 of things men do not understand about women. Some of you ladies might not understand these things about yourselves either.

Now, the TOP 5: 

#5: Why do some women call themselves “bad b*tch”, but want men to respect them?

Seriously speaking, I have heard a good amount of women treat each other or themselves in disrespectful ways, but then demand respect from guys. Some women take bride in the phrase “I am a bad b*tch”. If a guy calls them a “b*tch”, they flip, but if a guy calls them a “bad b*tch”, they flip. SInce when did “bad” mean great, or good? The truth is, if you do not treat yourself like a lady, no man will treat you like one. Its simple logic: Yes, we say do not judge a book but its cover, but if you see a guy on the streets, and he is not well dressed (he is sagging outrageously), he ususes cuss words in every sentence, and he totally not presenting himself right, will you give him the time of day, or even respect him? WIll you even give him the title “gentleman”? Will you vote for such a person to be the CEO of your company or the president of your country? Why not? Because of how they presented themselves? I bet. Same for women who are beautiful and educated but act otherwise. Some of us men do not really understand why you disrespect yourselves but then demand respect from others. What do you call a female dog who is stubborn or bad? “A bad b*tch”. Do you feel a sense of accomplishment when you compare yourself to a bad female dog? God created you to be special, so stop rebelling by dehumanizing yourself. You are wonderfully and fearfully made.

#4: Why is it hard for some women to get along with other women (They are always competing)?

Men can live as roommates for a long time. Yes, sometimes there will be some disagreeements but they will be fine after sometime. Some women on the other hand can’t and will simply not be able stand each other. Men have already picked up on this. Some women do not like other women simply because…. erm, no one knows. Not even them. But somestimes, it is just because the other person is prettier, or it is usually about something irrelevant. If you are going to be mad at someone, or hate on someone, then it has to be something deep and significant. A lot of females say this, “I do not like females. I can’t stand them”. Wait, you are a female yourself and you call these other girls your “besties”, so what are you saying again?

#3: Why do some women get upset and complain about their man not giving spend time witht hem, while they are working on their goals?

Some women do this this. They claim they want a man who is focused on their dreams and goals and a man who is going somewhere in life. Well, guess what, if he focused on his goals and chasing dreams, he is not not going to have a lot of free time on his hands.

#2: Why do some women make excuses for guys who do not treat them right?

A lot of women do this. When a guys beings to treat them wrong, they constantly find ways and means to continue to live in the “fantasy world”. They paint a picture of what they believe the guys and no matter what you tell them, they will counter attack it with an argument. Yes, the guy can cheat, lie or abuse them, but they will say something like, “thats not him., he was drunk or high, or he did not get enough sleep the night before”. Yup, that is him! He abused you verbally and physically. That is not acceptable under any circumstance, so do not try to cover him up because you are afraid to lose him. A lot of girls continue to let guiys take advantage of them becuase they simply do not want to lose them. They know the relationship or whatever they have with this guy is not healthy, but they constantly defend and make excuses for their actions. Females! Never let a guy disrespect you just because you are afraid to lose him; if you do, you will end up losing both: him and your dignity.

#1: Why do you all settle for idiotic guys or guys who do not treat you right, but then complain about not being able to find good guys?

This is number #1 because a lot of women get caught up in this. I will not elaborate ont his because it is self explanatory and this is something a lot of men are trying to uderstand about women.

The Penn State Scandal – Why It Was Covered Up (Reputation vs. Absolute Value)

I am a big Penn State fan. I chose to go to Penn State because of the pretige, the honor, the respect, grace, and the image of the school. Penn State is without a doubt one of the best schools in the world. I mean, the culture there is beautiful. The culture at PSU is unique. The school is filled with intelligent students from different ethnic backgrounds and race. When you step on a Penn State campus, you feel the energy. The energy of young kids who aspire to be great and who aspire to gain knowledge and change the world. Yes, it has been voted the #1 Party school a couple of time (the students know how to party) but who doesn’t want to have a good time after a hard day’s work? Penn State has rich traditions like White Out during a big Penn State football game, State Patty’s day, etc. When you talk about “work hard, play harder”, Penn State students understand that concept very well. Not to toot our own horns, but we are very well balanced. All this…. all of the greatness was placed on hold over the weekend.

As I watched the news, I was heart broken. I was sad. This is my Alma Mater on T.V! Not for a good thing, but for a bad thing. “Penn Sate is known for great things and not bad” – I thought to myself. It took years to build that positive image at Penn State, but it took one man to destroy it in a minute. Now, Sandusky is pathetic. I mean the issue at hand is sick. What he did should not be tolerated by society or any human being. This man deserves to be in jail. Now, why did Penn State cover this up? How did they do that?

Why Penn State Covered up the scandal


The Penn State reputation was covered up because of reputation. Penn State was caught in the lime light. Penn State students, administrators, alums, football team, coaches and etc. spent years to build this great reputation. The repuation was great and it respected in nations. Some Penn State administrators knew about what Sandusky did, but they were more concerned about tarnishing the reputation of Penn State as whole, rather than adhere to absolute value and or morals. The Athletic Director was informed and the President knew. How come no one reported this evil act. Penn State knew its repuation would have gone down, but Penn State forgot that we are all not perfect, and somethings things happen where we need to stand up for what is right, do what is right for society as a whole. Penn State is part of the society of the human race, but chose not to adhere to scocietal moral conduct and values. Some administrators at Penn State should be held accountable for this because raping kids is wrong and should not be defended for the sakeof repuation. The Athletic Director and or the President of the school should have informed authorities. This would have tarnisehd the image of PSU for a while, but the reputation would have been rebuilt in a few years, because the secret is, the reputation is based on the approval of the people. The people would have respected Penn State a lot more for stepping up and defending these kids who were ill treated.

These administrators forgot one thing “You can’t hide anything another the sun and the truth will always set you free”.

What should be done

Joe Paterno

Some people are saying Joe Paterno should be fired. I will disagree. The man did build the football program on integrity. He has done so much for the shcool than you can imagine. He is a devoted man who loves the school, the students and everything about Happy Valley. He is an honorable man in my eyes. He is a great. Yes, he did his job. He reported it to the AD. We do not know whether Paterno followed up on the case or not. Some people are upset that Paterno did not do a lot more, but let us be fair here. Let the legal process take its course. Paterno in my opinion did what any other person will do: report to higher authorities. In his staement today, Paterno admits that maybe he should have done more – I think he is deeply sorry for not acting a lot more on the issue that is why is is retiring. Paterno should have pressured the administrators to do more. He did his part, but he should have encouraged others to do their part as well. Legally, he is in the clear. Morally, it is wrong. Let us be real.

AD and President

These people should be fired. They are the leaders of the Penn State community  but they refused to report this to the police when it was brought to their attention. It is their responsibilities to help drive success and a safe environment for Penn State. They failed and they should be let go.


Need I say more? This man should go to jail.

Penn State’s Future (Moving Forward)

I love my school to death. I still bleed blue and white and I will continue to do so. I will support the school and represent the school in all things. I am loyal to my Alma Mater. It took years and years to build the great Penn State reputation. It has been tarnished within minutes by one man.  Let us admit the truth, deal with it, and let this unplanned change occur at the great Happy Valley. It will be up to the new administration, students and families to bring back the Penn State we all know. It will be up to the alums like myself to transform the world around us to help restore the reputation of Penn State. Penn State as a whole has been affected one way or the other. But we are talking about Penn State. A school with great reputation built on morals and values. Yes, “one nut destroys the soup”, but let us make anohter soup. No one is perfect and Sandusky was far from perfect. His actions were uncalled for and the actions of some administrators have affected the school, but let us build together. It is not going to be easy PSU alums, students, admins, and future students, and fans. It will not be easy. It will be tough and it will be a constant struggle, but we should not be defeated by Sandusky and his sick fantasies. We should not allowed to be defeated.

I will continue to represent Penn State, love Penn state and cheer for Penn State. A scandal by one man should not definie and destroy what Penn State is all about. We we be attacked by the media, but we should all be calm and remain as one. We will not be divided. I AM PENN STATE, but it better if WE ARE…PENN STATE!

Let’s Seriously Talk About SEX

I do have some interesting followers on twitter. I mean, they sometimes make my day go by faster. I have all sorts of followers: Christians, Muslims, Jews, Non-believers, shy tweeters, and bold tweeters who will tweet anything off their mind. I mean, some of the tweets can be offensive and some can perverted, and of course some need to be censored, but thats what the world is all about: differences. Differences in views, opnions, beliefs, religion, faith and lifestyle. I accept them them all to be honest. (Hopefully, my religious and inspirational quotes inspire them). You can follow me as well @joe_darko

I read a friend’s (Amber) tweet which stated: @LiLxHOPE “About one in every 3 sexually active Americans has hpv o_O”. If you know me, you will know that I think about EVERYTHING and EVERYTHING. So this obviously had me thinking about sex. Of course, anytime I’m thinking about something, my religious views get in the picture. So I began to think about sex and why God created sex.

First off, let me say this: I am in no way, shape or form judging anyone and calling anyone out. I mean, who am I to judge? All things being equal, you have your flaws, and I certainly and definitely have mines. If should myself a Christian, then I should follow the Bible and “…worship God in spirit and in TRUTH”, (meaning, I have to be real with God first, and then myself and the society in which I live in). I am not here to please anyone, but God; so I will not tell you a lie to save face but be real with the issue at hand.

Why did God create sex?

God simply created sex for married couples. Sex was first meant for procreation and also for married couples to be intimate with each other and enjoy each other. God, the master scientist knew sex was a healthy activity, but simply abolished it outside of marriage. Someone may ask. Why? (I know I asked the same question)

God wanted only married couples to have sex because it comes with so much complications outside of marriage. Someone may ask again “but, why marriage and not a relationship”? Well, marriage was mandated by God as a sign of two people who love each other based on trust, faithfulness, commitment and oneness. Outside of marriage, these pillars of love are not guaranteed; hence the phrase: “if you are not married, then you are single”. Outside of marriage, the person is not obligated to you and you alone (sad as it is, it is true – and yes, I do believe in relationships). The person can get up one day and say, “Ermmm, I don’t want to be in this relationship anymore. I want out”, and thre is nothing you can do or should do about it. Outside of marriage, especially when there is no base of commitment (especially in today’s society), the other person can do whatever they want to do – sad enough; and sometimes it leads to lack of trust and faithfulness within the confinement of the relationship. If this is the case, then the complications of sex outside marriage is most likely the main reasons why God did not want anyone to have pre-marital sex.

Every single rule, commandment, or law God has for us, is meant to protect us. It is not meant to hinder our life experience and it is not meant for our lives to be “boring” and what not. It is meant for our protection, our safety, and our growth towards prosperity in all areas and aspects of life. No parent will make up a rule just to prevent his/her child for living and loving life to its fullest.

What are some of the complications of pre-marital sex?

1. Unwanted rollercoaster emotions: I mean, once you have sex with someone, you sometimes feel the person owe you something, our you are entitled to marry or be with that person (or maybe, you owe them something). Some guys have expressed that when they take a girl’s virginity, the girl becomes clingy. Well, DUH! She is supposed to, because she gave you something special. She gave you something she has held to higher grounds and she trusted you. You have exchanged fuilds, and not only that. This leads to emotions that can’t be explained in words. God wants you not to worry about those emotions, so you can focus on what he has for you in life. One of the few times you can fully focus on that is when you are not emotionally destroyed or when you are married, because you trust the other person won’t leave due to the sacred commitments they have made before God and you. Your emotions can rest, be at peace and focus on what else is important.

2. Chid being born out of wedlock: You should see some of my friends who worry about getting a girl pregnant. I mean, they do not sleep for days when the girl tells them: “hey, I think I am pregnant, because I my period is not here yet”. They worry about the decisions to make, how they are going to take care of the child (if they are going to keep it). The girls are usually affected by this the most. They will have to drop out of school for a couple of months, carry the baby for 9 months and still have to take care of the child when it is born. Do you think God will give you something you are not prepared for? This sometimes is unnecessary headache at that point of time in life. When you are married, you will not have to worry about having a child, because you know the other person is there to support you emotionally, physically and spiritually. You have that assurance and you have that peace of mind that you can bring forth a child in this world and take care of the child.

3. STDs: The other person you are sleeping with probably has slept with a handful of others. You do not even know who they have slept with and what they are carrying with them. Like my friend stated, 1 in 3 Americans have HPV. This is scary. The HPV can be transmitted orally and guys don’t show symptoms. With the ladies, certain strains of hpv cause cervical cancer get that vaccine. This is not even the worst that can happen. But in all reality, there is no way God will want his creation (man/woman) to suffer from such diseases.

After thinking about this, I now understand why God will be against pre-marital sex. After all, He is simply a good God who wants nothing but the best for his children. We all know our flaws in this world. We are know our weaknesses, but it is a constant battle to move from good to better, better to best. We should all do our best to move to the right place no matter how difficult it may be and no matter how many times we have fallen in the past or falling now. Like I always say, everything God does is for Kingdom Purposes and Our Benefit.