Who is God?

Have you ever asked yourself this question before? “Who is God”?

In Exodus 3:14, God described himself by simply saying “I Am That I Am”. HUH? That is exactly what I said to my self when I first read this. “HUH.. what does that even mean”. As I matured in my faith, this statement began to make sense to me. It became clear to me what God was trying to say. Yes, you get a glimpse of who and what God is through out the whole scriptures, but the phrase “I am that I am”, to me has more to it than any other phrase in the Bible.

I believe philosophers have tried to disect that statement countless of times! But of course, they never completely understood what that statement, because if God is truly infinite, you can never figure Him out. That is what makes Him sovereign. I am not a philosopher, but I have managed to break that statement down to my own understanding. Yes, I know God is spirit and I know God is love, but God said “I am that I am”; with me, that statement simply means “I am the sovereign God, there is nothing that can be compared to me. I am sufficient enough. I am my own person. I am the real self made. No one can challenge my authority, no one will ever be before and after me. I am God”.

Now, I broke it down further for who God might be to me personally and how he relates to me. The Bible revealed God to us in so many ways and below is what I came up with:

He is the best philospher.

He is the best doctor.

He is the best father.

He is the best mother.

He is the best warrior.

He is the best teacher.

He is the best comforter.

He is the best mentor.

He is the best role model.

The list can go on and on. Above all, He is simply Jesus Christ. Whatever you want Him to be, He is. So stop relying on mere humans for understanding, for revelation, for peace, or joy, for hope and for grace. Rely on God and God only, because God is “I am that I am”. He is who says He is. God. He shares His throne with no one. He is love. He loves you more than you can imagine. He is all that you can think of.  Jesus is your All in All. He is sufficient enough for all humans. He is ONE GOD for ALL!

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