A Conversation With A Non-Believer

I put up a status on Facebook yesterday which read: “There might be 1,000 ways to die, but there is only one way to live: through Jesus Christ.”

Some people liked the status and of course, some people did not. A friend of mine from college quickly responded: “I hope this is only your personal opinion” . And this ladies and gentlemen, sparked a long running converstaion on Facebook between this friend and myself. Now, I say my friend is a non-believer, because he/she does not believe that Jesus Christ is the only way to God. As a Christian, it is one of the fundamental truths you have to be accept.

Here is the rest of the conversation:

Anonymous friend: I hope this is only your personal opinion

Me: My opinion influenced by my faith. Not just my opinion, because my opinion alone can’t stand the test of time. My faith can.

Anonymous friend: Can you explain how your faith stands the test of time?

Me: What do u mean by can I explain how my faith stands the test of time?

Anonymous friend: I mean, can you explain? Lol what more should I say?  What do you mean when you say that?

Me: I mean, it is a faith based statement. And according to my faith, all shall passed but the word of God will not. John 1:1 “in the beginning was the word and the word was with God, and the word was God”. So the word of God = Jesus Christ, will forever be Jesus. None before Him and none after him. Jesus, the one and only God.

Anonymous friend: And you find this to be absolutely true?

Me: Yup! If I dont find it to be the absolute truth, then I should not consider myself a Christian. Absolute trith without a doubt.

Anonymous friend: I’m gonna be the annoying child. Why is it the absolute truth?

Me: I will answer the best way possible: It is the absolute truth through and by FAITH.

Anonymous friend: Is that objective?

Me: It goes goes back to what you believe once again, which will eventually jump back to faith BUT my answer is this. Jesus is objective, the Bible is objective, all these lead to subjective thoughts which in turn, makes my faith subjective. But my “subjective” is based on what? Jesus and the word of God – which is the Bible (which is objective).

Anonymous friend: If you were born into another religion you would be saying the same thing about that god. Other people feel the same way you do about their respective god. Do you know for a fact that Jesus is the one and only god? Relying on faith alone can only get you so far.

Me: Relying on faith alone has brought me this far, and will continue to take me far. So far the human mind will not comprehend it. I do believe for a fact, without a single doubt in my head and my heart that Jesus is the one and only God. And He is the way, the truth and life.

Anonymous friend: Like I said, if you were born into another religion, you would probably say the same thing about that respective god.  But yet u know for a fact that Jesus is the one and only….? I guess relying on faith works if you don’t require facts from anywhere but the bible, and you say the bible is the word of god? Says who? how do we know this?

Me: Well, I guess there is a reason for everything and there is a reason why I was born a Christian. Once again, you asking questions based on faith. You are tying to question my faith. But you refuse to realize ALL my beliefs concerning my relationship with God is faith based. I know what the faith has done and is doing in my life. So I cling to it. You would like for me to view facts. Who said they were “facts” to begin with? “Facts” makes sense to you? Great. “Facts” is not enough for me, because things of faith don’t always make sense, but “facts” do.

Anonymous friend: You’re avoiding my question about your faith. I know your relationship is faith based, I was born into Christianity. If it wasn’t faith based, we wouldn’t be having this conversation.  I would like to know the conclusion to your premises: the bible is the word of god.

Me: I answered it when I said when I referenced “you are asking questions based on faith”. If I am a true Christian, then I should believe that that the Bible is the word of God. YES! Once again. I strongly believe it that the Bible is the word of God. Next question?

Anonymous friend: Are you saying that I’m asking questions based on faith? I am confused by that statement as well as how it answers my question of how u know the bible is the word of god.

Me: Its like saying how do I know Jesus is the truth? Its like saying how do I know God exist? Its like saying how do I know Jesus is the only way? The answer is the same. It is because of my faith in Jesus Christ. I believe it is the word of God because that’s what the Bible told me. And that’s what I choose to believe based on my faith in God. I don’t need to prove anything, like I said, my life is a testimony of God’s existence. There are a lot of unanswered question concerning the world we live in. A lot. But the questions you are asking me, are questions pertaining to what I believe in through my faith in Christ. So my answer is not going to change. Because without faith, it will be impossible to please God.

Anonymous friend:”I believe it is the word of God because that’s what the Bible told me.” =================================So, you believe the word of God is the word of God because the word of God told you it was the word of God. Have a good evening Joe

Me: If I don’t believe the word of God is the word of God, then there is not need to believe in God. You too. Hope you have a great and blessed night. Stay blessed

That was the conversation. Faith is what it is. God. Faith does not need prove, because it does not make sense or else it will not be called faith. For instance, I know a lot of people have been healed miraculously by God. I know of super natural interventions which has happened in my life and the lives of others. They all did not make sense at all. They did not make sense to the mere human mind, but to my spiritual being, it made perfect snense. That is what faith is. Fatih does not make sense to us in the human world, because it is beyond the human realm. As Christians, that is all we have FAITH! That is all we need and that is all we need to hold on to. Do not let anyone knock you off the hustle of faith. Do not let anyone bring you down and make you believe otherwise. Believe in God and hold onto the faith you have.

One comment

  1. Hello:) Good to know there are other christains out there. I think your conversation was interesting. I know your answers to his questions made sense to you and me but they did not to him/her. When talking to others, we need to use simple words. Jesus talked in parables so we could understand. Speak their language. When he asked how do you know the bible is the word of God? Maybe ask him something like: How do you know the wind is there? You know its there because you can see it effecting things in your life. Maybe just ask him a question like this: I have a question for you… What if im wrong? What if there is no such thing as God and we just sink into the dirt when we die? (He will not know what to say because the answer is nothing) If I am wrong than I live a good life, and sink into the ground like you. But if your wrong what happens? I get to go to heaven? You on the other hand were not expecting the whole heavon thing to be real and will spend a very long time in hell.

    So yah. Keep up the good work:)

    By the way the email I put up is not mine. I did not want to give out my real one:)

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