I Am Pregnant

A lot of us have goals, dreams and visions. We constantly sit and think about them. We wonder what we can do to achieve them without sweat. I call this stage the pregnancy stage. When someone is pregnant, they are expecting a child; anything short of a human being will be a a disappointment (weird and scary for that matter). But think about it, it takes one sperm and an ovary to conceive a child, and it takes 9 months of pain, suffering, stress, and a couple of hours to push forth a baby. When I sit and think about this, it is a little strange to me. The first part of a baby being born is basically the easy part, the latter part it the tough one, and it is the part which makes a some women say “this is going to be my first and last child, I am not going through this again. It is painful.”

Dreaming and having goals can be tough for some people, but I believe we all have dreams. We have this world of fantasay where we would like to be. We have our “current state” and the “desired state”. In our own minds, its our own fantasy and our own story; no one dares come between that. This is the part where by the sperm is swimming his way through to find the egg. A lot of people are in this stage and some can’t get out of this stage all because it requires little work and there is no pressure. It is all fun and games. After all this is what someone in this stage will tell you “it is just a fantasy and it is just a dream”.

Others are also in the latter stage; they are pregnant just like myself. They  are preganant with their visions, goals and dreams. The sperm has found the egg and now a baby is forming. Before the baby will be brought into the world, the person carrying the baby will go through a lot. This is the stage where by giving up is not an option. This is the stage I am in at this moment. I am pregnant and I can’t afford to give up. I can’t afford not to eat right, I can’t afford not to excercise, I can’t afford not to take care of myself and my baby and I certainly can’t afford to allow my baby (dreams, goals and vision) to die. A lot of people give up at this stage and that is why they have “miscourages” and etc. A lot of people quit at this stage, that is why only a select few are able to bring forth their goals and dreams and turn them into reality. If I give up here, I will lose myself and my dreams. I am at a point of no return. I am already pregnant and I have no choice but to bring out the baby into this world. Yes, it might take a while.  It will take patience, hardwork, determination and attitude towards success. No one said life was fair and no one said life was going to be easy. If attaining success was easy, everybody in this world would have been successful.

I know that it will be tougher just when my visions, dreams, and goals are about to turn into reality. It is through the struggles and pains of life that we are defined. We are not defined but success, but we are defined by what we overcome to be successful. The reason why the successful person is usually the most favored person  or well received or liked person is that, deep in our hearts, without words, we know for a fact that the particular woman or man did something a lot could not do, overcome, conquer and overpower adversities – but I believe that as asusmes we are all built to do this, but only a few take the initiative. It is like the underdog stories we all like to here. Any time a politican wants to be well received, the politician usually mentions his/her humble beginnings. The politican wants you to know that he is an overcomer and he has been preganant with dreams and goals before. He wants you to know that he has been in your shoes before and understands how it feels to want to achieve success. He does this to get your vote.

Never give up when you are pregnant with a goal, dream or vision. Never quit. Quitters never win, because they always end up qutting right when they are about to receive their breakthrough. Funny thing is, the struggle does not end there. After a baby is born to this earth, the first thing the baby usually does is cry. Earth is now welcoming the baby to a battle field. A field of more pain and more battles. After you have had your break through, it is time to protect it with hardwork and perseverance just as a mother will protect her child with love, affection, tenacity and discipline. You have to lead your goals the right path to max out its potential.

We are in a world where by climbing to the top requires courage. Never give up on your dreams and goals, for they are yours for a reason and they will come to pass with God, positivity, drive, determination, ambition, and perseverance. It will not be easy, because nothing on earth is easy. If someone ever tells you that everything is easy on earth, they are simply trying to sell you something; and you should definitely not buy it.

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