Reasons Why Some Girls Settle For “That” Guy

Have you ever wondered why some girls get stuck on men who treat them bad? Why some girls settle for the “wrong guys”? Have you ever asked yourself this question before? “Why is a girl like this doing with such a guy?” I mean, there is nothing wrong with the guy, but the guy does not seem to have a goal, vision or does not even try to get to the next level. But have you ever wonder why she is with him? I never understood this and still don’t, because you are dealing with women, and it is always hard to put a finger on what they sometimes do. Well, thats the beauty of women to begin with. It is part of them. It is life and it is beautiful if you ask me; even though it can be annoying most of the time. Yes, annoying!

Well, I always wanted to find out why some girls claim they do not like a man who isn’t going any where in life, but they always end up with such men. The phrase for such a man is “ain’t sh*t n*gga”. It is tough for me to say this because I do not curse, and it is not a phrase I feel comfortable using, but a lot of girls in today’s society brag about how they will never be with such men, but for some strange reason, they find themselves involved with such men. I am not saying ALL girls do this, because there are definitely some girls who I believe know their worth and value and they set their standards high.

A reason why some girls settle is because they do not know their worth. They look for their worth in a man. This is very dangerous because no human being should determine your worth, but every human being should see your worth if you are worth something. You define your own worth by your actions and integrity. This leads to girls who get stuck on guys who treat them bad, because they make the guy create their worth, so without the guy, they can’t see their own worth or will never know their worth. This leads to them being dependant on such a guy even if he treats them wrong, cheats, verbally or physiaclly abuse her, talk to other girls behind her back, etc. A guy is suppose to truly see your worth and value, that way, he will not want to tarnish it but will truly admire and respect you. I have sisters and female cousins, and they know all these stuff, because I tell them to raise the bar, because at the end of the day they will end up with one guy. So why should they lower the bar/standards for every tom, dick and harry to pass through. Will that make them valuable? NO. Definitely not. Check this out, when most guys are ready to settle down, they look for the girl who has standards and who has risen the bar, because they know that not many guys have been able to get to that level and such a woman is a like a diamond in the dirt. So they see the value of that girl and they respect that girl.

The Reason Why Some Girls Settle For “That” guy (ain’t sh*t n*gga) is because of TIME! Because some girls can’t do away with a guy not giving them constant attention. To some girls, that makes them feel secure (giving them constant attention or time). Because their man is always around and will always be there for them. Such girls to me are a little bit immature. Because the matured girl will know that her man has to chase dreams and has to accomplish things so they can have a brighter and better future together. They want their man to get to the top, so they can feel proud and say “Yes, that is my man. Your man got nothing on him”. They want their man to make life easier for both of them by being successful and getting to the top. Funny enough, when these immature girls sometimes look for guys, they look for the one who will be most available now (time), because they do not think ahead. That is why sometimes they settle for such men. Becuase the “aint sh*t n*gga” is the guy who probably has nothing going for him, so he has ALL the time in the world to lazy around and he has all the time in the world to spend with that woman (which in my opinion is bad – because a man needs to chase dreams and conquer. No man should give a woman all of HIS TIME! Never do that. I do not care if you are dating Beyonce). Yes, spend great and quality time with your woman, but work and chase dreams to turn make life better for the both of you, especially if you really care about the woman. If this type of man will be smart enough, he will know that Time Is Money and by the end of the day, if the girl matures (which she will with time), she will leave him, and go to the guy who is more stable and has time for her at the same time.

Sometimes, some girls chase the money. Well, guess what. Money can’t buy love. Money will pay the bills, but what if your man pays the bills, but is never home to spend time with you. Money is good, but money is not as powerful as love. Most immature women look at the extremes (Time and Money). They either make the mistake of finding the guy with so much time that he has nothing else going for him, or they find the guy with so much money that he has no time to focus on his woman. Every woman wants a successful man who knows how to balance work, business and relationship, but usually to women, such a man is hard to find.

The balance is the most important thing of it all. That is every girl’s dream man. The man who is stable (not necessarily Super Rich), but the man who is stable and who can be flexible enough to make time for her woman. The man who has that balance, and the man who can find that balance usually wins the woman at the end of the day. That is why good guys do not finish last, they just do not get disqualified. At the end of the day, good guys stay in the race (back scene), and they get to call the shot on which woman they will want to be with, becuase the “good guy” will usually find that balance every woman wants in a man.


  1. JOE, this is true talk, advice that is so rare, cos pple hate to face the truth, u are a blessing to this generation n beyond, keep it up.

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