“Don’t Get Too Comfortable…”

Yesterday was a great day! I woke up feeling I was going to have a great day and I did. The evening was fantastic. I just got back to my hotel and decided to share this advice with all of you out there.

I walked around Denver yesterday, shopping and checking out the city. I stopped by this barber shop and this lady decided to give me the fade. Let me say this, I do not trust ladies cutting my hair. I am not trying to be sexist or anything, but I have had a bad esperience before. For some reason, I trusted this lady and gave her the opportunity to cut my hair. She was definitely a talker! She was sweet and was asking me questions. She asked “what do you do?” “what school do you go to?” “are you single?” “why are you in Denver”. I told her that i work for Microsoft and I am here for a conference. She stopped cutting my hair, asked my age and quickly said “Do Not Get Too Comfortable. Chase after your dreams and  chase after your goals. You are young and you have already achieved what most will never achieve. It only means there is greater and better to come and I wouldn’t be surprised to see you on T.V.” To be frank, I was not flattered, but paid attention to her wise words. She then pointed a picture of her two sons who are about 10 and 8. She said the older one plays football and his dream is to go to Harvard. She has toally brainwashed her kids though. She adviced me about females, and she told me the same thing she has been telling her kids. She was a caring mom and a woman who a lot girls growing up should aspire to be like. She asked me what advice I could  give her so she can give to her son and I said, “Do Not Get Too Comfortable. Continue to do what you are doing as a mon and your son will make you proud one day”.

Getting too comfortable hinders growth and hinders success. Getting too comfortable will prevent you from climbing to the top of the mountain and if you are the top, it will stop you from touching the sky. Always get out of your comfort zone and challenge yourself. You are made to withstand challenges.

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