What Makes You Tick?

I believe in a lot of things, but most importantly I believe in myself. I believe in the fact that every human being should believe in something. Something useful and intangible. I am not perfect, but I have certain values I hold to high standards which keeps my principles and eventually help me become a success every where I go. One of my mentees made me think by asking me this question “why are you so successful at a very young age?” I laughed at him because I do not believe I am successful all because I know that we all define our own success. Where I am heading, and where I want to go, I do believe I am successful just yet, but I know I am on the right path and I will get there sooner or later, accordingly to the plans of God. I basically told him that, I am on my way to success, and I am winning at life because of certain things I believe to hold my ground, build me up, bring the best out of me, keep focus, with stand trial and tribulations and etc.

After I told him this, I went back to a meeting and all i was doing was thinking. I was thinking about everything thats molds me. I was thinking about everything which makes me who I am today. I was thinking about my values, morals, etiquette, passion etc. I was looking for what makes me tick! What gets me excited. What keeps me going through it all. I came up with a long list, but I would like to share only three of them with you.

It was hard narrowing everything down to the last three, but what makes me tick is my Faith, Family, and Integrity. (Bonus: Passion). These are the top three things I hold to a high esteem.

Faith: My faith is something which continues to mold me and continue to help me be who God has intended for me to be. In trying times, it is my strength. It happy times, it humbles me. It enables me to love people unconditionaly and accept them for who they truly are, so it opens a lot of doors for me. It allows me to feel I can positicely change the world one day at a time, and one person at a time. It is what enable me to care for others, appreciate others, respect others, and be a good citizen. Yes, I am only human and not perfect; but my faith is the only weapon I have for and against anything. It guides me and leads me the path of righteousness, success, glory, humility, and positive influence.

Family: Family is very important to me. My nuclear family, extended family and my “next extended family” (close friends and significant others). I enjoy being around people who see who for who you are, accept you for who you are, love you for who you are, and understand you for who you are. Such people, I do not mind doing anything for. I do not mind going above and beyond for. I do not mind being me around them and I feel comfortable loving them while I love my self. These people can be the source of my drive and passion.

Integrity: Integrity is very important to me. I always want to live a life of integruty and deal with people with integrity. Integrity brings about a piece of mind and success. There is one thing about me. I HATE to be lied to and I hate telling lies. I am always upfront with what I think and how I feel, and this makes me very blunt. To me, integrity brings respect. It enable me to deal with the raw nature of individuals at their various level and from different walks of life. It makes relationships easier and definitely builds better and stronger ones.

Bonus: Passion – Now this one is something I take a great deal of pride in. I am a very passionate person. Everything I do, I must have to back it up with passion. The passion brings out the real me and enables me to put my best foot forward. If I am nto passionate about something, I will not do it. A couple of weeks ago, I was invited to speak at this youth seminar. They gave me the topic, and I told them I will not be able to do it. Why? Because I was not passionate about it. Anytime I do something with passion (work, in a relationship, speeh, etc), I am able to deliver my best even though I might be perfect. Passion is what makes me spend extra hours on projects and allows me to go the extra mile.

Think about what makes you tick and pay close attention to it. These are usually the things that can hold you down when all else breaks lose.

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