A Real Man Is Not Afraid Of A Journey

I totally missed home today. I mean, my sister, mom, friends, family, etc. I missed all of them earlier today. I missed them to the point that I did not feel like doing anything; but I had to go out to Seattle, explore the city, meet new people and enjoy the place. I missed my family because July 4th is usually the day we go to places like Six Flags, coo outs and basically have a great time together.

Earlier on this July 4th, I was in my hotel room around 9am PT thinking about how I never got the chance to spend a whole year with my family ever since I started my college career. I mean, I am usually at school, and over the summer, I am working or traveling for internships or just for the experience. I recently graduated, and to God be the glory, I had a job right after I graduated. I mean, looking back, I have never spent a whole year with my family and friends after I turned 17/18. I felt like I have matured a lot, and I continue to grow. I had to quickly encourage myself that, I am not getting any younger and I am gradually growing up to be a responsible man. I had to quickly accept this challenge and embark on this journey with God, courage, determination, and perseverance.

We took a walk downtown Seattle and saw some college kids or younger kids. This brought back the memories of my college days. For a moment, I was enjoying and reliving those memories in my head, but I totally snapped back to reality when I figured that there are certain things you can’t necessarily hold unto. You have to allow the past to be the past and live in the present for the future.  You have be ready to conquer new territories, leave new and better legacies, set new and better standards, achieve new and better goals and work towards a better future for a better you and the world you live in. You have to allow the past go, so that you can be able to accept the future. That is why we have to always appreciate every opportunity we have today, because we can never get the chance to relive it again. Alexander The Great was a great conquerer who never lived in his past. The reason why he was so great was because he moved on to the next task and moved on to the next goal.

Sometimes, we get too comfortable with our circumstances, situation, friends, families, and etc. But we must always remember that when the opportunity comes to move on to bigger and better things, no matter how tough it might seem, we should accept the challenge and be ready to set newer heights to reach newer levels. I was comfortable in college, with my family, and friends from home, so of course I will want to sometimes relive those time; but God has placed me on a new path for a specific reason and a purpose and I can’t allow myself to be side tracked about my past in such a way that, I forget about my future. Yes, I will miss my friends and family, but if I do not get myself in a position of success and mature as a man, I will always rely on them and end up as a failure. Of course I will not forget my friends and family, but I need to get out of my zone to achieve bigger goals and conquer bigger warriors, so I can easily allow more memories with them in the near of distant future as God and time permits. A real man is never afraid of a journey. Because a real man is a conqueror, survivor, positive thinker, loving, strong, bold, hard working and ambitious.

If you ask me:  “Joe, if you would like to relive any moment in your past, what will it be?”. I will say NONE. I am looking for what is yet to come and not what is in the rear view. I am looking forward to starting my career, being the best employer for my company, maturing, being a motivator, an author, a husband, a father, a grand father, a great grand father, a great, great, grand father, a minister, a philanthropist, and whatever God has in store for me. I am looking ahead, and not behind. “The old is gone and the new has come”.


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  1. My brother, as usual, I enjoyed your recent post. I understand, most are afraid of the unknown & most change (challenges, experiences, life events) is largely unknown. At least the result of the change is.

    However, I do feel that folks should spend more time dwelling on the present & preparing for the future. Yet again, as with all things, “everything in moderation”. While overanalyizing & obsessing over the past is counterproductive, completely letting go of the past is just as detrimental. As the old saying goes, “those who ignore history are doomed to repeat it…”

    As you continue to progress brother, I pray that you always maintain the balance of keeping the past but always striving for larger, more substantial goals in the future. Good luck sir…

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