Month: July 2011

“The Show”

Your life is a show

Your own show

Are you going to stop the show because of unfortunate situations?

Are you going to let those who speak evil of you get the best of you on your own show?

Are you going to listen to people who do not see things the way you do?

Are you going to let listen to ill advice?

Are you going to let people come to your own show and run it for you?

Are you going to let the words of others get the best of you and change your mood?

Are you going to cancel the show because a guest could not show up for one day?

Are you going to cancel the show because road keeps getting tougher?

Are you going to cancel the show because of naysayers and pundits?

Are you going to leave your own show without leaving a legacy?

Are you going to abandon your show because of poor decisions on your part?

Are you going to quit on your show?

Are you going to be impatient and lose all of your investment?

Are you going to stop the show because people do not appreciate what you do?

Are you going to stop the show because of what people say being your back?

Are you going to stop the show because people have left your bandwagon?

Are you going to stop the show because friends have turned into enemies?

Are you gong to stop the show because you are not feeling well for a day?

Are you gong to stop the show because you are slightly distracted?


Or are you going to be bold?

Are you going to be tough?

Are you going to block the white noise?

Are you going to let your show go on?

Are you going to work on your guests and yourself?

Well, its up to you.

Look at all the negativity and smile and laugh

Look at it all and smile because you have placed your bets on the table

And you have done enough and you know your worth and you deserve better

My life is a show. The stage is mine and spot lights are bright and on.

The spot light never dims because I shine beyond it.

My show is my show

I will not let ANYONE tell me otherwise

I will not let ANYONE stop me

I will not let ANYONE influence me

Not even friends or family

I will not let anyone slow the momentum of my show

Welcome to my life. Welcome to the JFC SHOW!


The SHOW IS ON and ladies and gentlemen, WE ARE LIVE!

“Don’t Get Too Comfortable…”

Yesterday was a great day! I woke up feeling I was going to have a great day and I did. The evening was fantastic. I just got back to my hotel and decided to share this advice with all of you out there.

I walked around Denver yesterday, shopping and checking out the city. I stopped by this barber shop and this lady decided to give me the fade. Let me say this, I do not trust ladies cutting my hair. I am not trying to be sexist or anything, but I have had a bad esperience before. For some reason, I trusted this lady and gave her the opportunity to cut my hair. She was definitely a talker! She was sweet and was asking me questions. She asked “what do you do?” “what school do you go to?” “are you single?” “why are you in Denver”. I told her that i work for Microsoft and I am here for a conference. She stopped cutting my hair, asked my age and quickly said “Do Not Get Too Comfortable. Chase after your dreams and  chase after your goals. You are young and you have already achieved what most will never achieve. It only means there is greater and better to come and I wouldn’t be surprised to see you on T.V.” To be frank, I was not flattered, but paid attention to her wise words. She then pointed a picture of her two sons who are about 10 and 8. She said the older one plays football and his dream is to go to Harvard. She has toally brainwashed her kids though. She adviced me about females, and she told me the same thing she has been telling her kids. She was a caring mom and a woman who a lot girls growing up should aspire to be like. She asked me what advice I could  give her so she can give to her son and I said, “Do Not Get Too Comfortable. Continue to do what you are doing as a mon and your son will make you proud one day”.

Getting too comfortable hinders growth and hinders success. Getting too comfortable will prevent you from climbing to the top of the mountain and if you are the top, it will stop you from touching the sky. Always get out of your comfort zone and challenge yourself. You are made to withstand challenges.

What Makes You Tick?

I believe in a lot of things, but most importantly I believe in myself. I believe in the fact that every human being should believe in something. Something useful and intangible. I am not perfect, but I have certain values I hold to high standards which keeps my principles and eventually help me become a success every where I go. One of my mentees made me think by asking me this question “why are you so successful at a very young age?” I laughed at him because I do not believe I am successful all because I know that we all define our own success. Where I am heading, and where I want to go, I do believe I am successful just yet, but I know I am on the right path and I will get there sooner or later, accordingly to the plans of God. I basically told him that, I am on my way to success, and I am winning at life because of certain things I believe to hold my ground, build me up, bring the best out of me, keep focus, with stand trial and tribulations and etc.

After I told him this, I went back to a meeting and all i was doing was thinking. I was thinking about everything thats molds me. I was thinking about everything which makes me who I am today. I was thinking about my values, morals, etiquette, passion etc. I was looking for what makes me tick! What gets me excited. What keeps me going through it all. I came up with a long list, but I would like to share only three of them with you.

It was hard narrowing everything down to the last three, but what makes me tick is my Faith, Family, and Integrity. (Bonus: Passion). These are the top three things I hold to a high esteem.

Faith: My faith is something which continues to mold me and continue to help me be who God has intended for me to be. In trying times, it is my strength. It happy times, it humbles me. It enables me to love people unconditionaly and accept them for who they truly are, so it opens a lot of doors for me. It allows me to feel I can positicely change the world one day at a time, and one person at a time. It is what enable me to care for others, appreciate others, respect others, and be a good citizen. Yes, I am only human and not perfect; but my faith is the only weapon I have for and against anything. It guides me and leads me the path of righteousness, success, glory, humility, and positive influence.

Family: Family is very important to me. My nuclear family, extended family and my “next extended family” (close friends and significant others). I enjoy being around people who see who for who you are, accept you for who you are, love you for who you are, and understand you for who you are. Such people, I do not mind doing anything for. I do not mind going above and beyond for. I do not mind being me around them and I feel comfortable loving them while I love my self. These people can be the source of my drive and passion.

Integrity: Integrity is very important to me. I always want to live a life of integruty and deal with people with integrity. Integrity brings about a piece of mind and success. There is one thing about me. I HATE to be lied to and I hate telling lies. I am always upfront with what I think and how I feel, and this makes me very blunt. To me, integrity brings respect. It enable me to deal with the raw nature of individuals at their various level and from different walks of life. It makes relationships easier and definitely builds better and stronger ones.

Bonus: Passion – Now this one is something I take a great deal of pride in. I am a very passionate person. Everything I do, I must have to back it up with passion. The passion brings out the real me and enables me to put my best foot forward. If I am nto passionate about something, I will not do it. A couple of weeks ago, I was invited to speak at this youth seminar. They gave me the topic, and I told them I will not be able to do it. Why? Because I was not passionate about it. Anytime I do something with passion (work, in a relationship, speeh, etc), I am able to deliver my best even though I might be perfect. Passion is what makes me spend extra hours on projects and allows me to go the extra mile.

Think about what makes you tick and pay close attention to it. These are usually the things that can hold you down when all else breaks lose.

A Real Man Is Not Afraid Of A Journey

I totally missed home today. I mean, my sister, mom, friends, family, etc. I missed all of them earlier today. I missed them to the point that I did not feel like doing anything; but I had to go out to Seattle, explore the city, meet new people and enjoy the place. I missed my family because July 4th is usually the day we go to places like Six Flags, coo outs and basically have a great time together.

Earlier on this July 4th, I was in my hotel room around 9am PT thinking about how I never got the chance to spend a whole year with my family ever since I started my college career. I mean, I am usually at school, and over the summer, I am working or traveling for internships or just for the experience. I recently graduated, and to God be the glory, I had a job right after I graduated. I mean, looking back, I have never spent a whole year with my family and friends after I turned 17/18. I felt like I have matured a lot, and I continue to grow. I had to quickly encourage myself that, I am not getting any younger and I am gradually growing up to be a responsible man. I had to quickly accept this challenge and embark on this journey with God, courage, determination, and perseverance.

We took a walk downtown Seattle and saw some college kids or younger kids. This brought back the memories of my college days. For a moment, I was enjoying and reliving those memories in my head, but I totally snapped back to reality when I figured that there are certain things you can’t necessarily hold unto. You have to allow the past to be the past and live in the present for the future.  You have be ready to conquer new territories, leave new and better legacies, set new and better standards, achieve new and better goals and work towards a better future for a better you and the world you live in. You have to allow the past go, so that you can be able to accept the future. That is why we have to always appreciate every opportunity we have today, because we can never get the chance to relive it again. Alexander The Great was a great conquerer who never lived in his past. The reason why he was so great was because he moved on to the next task and moved on to the next goal.

Sometimes, we get too comfortable with our circumstances, situation, friends, families, and etc. But we must always remember that when the opportunity comes to move on to bigger and better things, no matter how tough it might seem, we should accept the challenge and be ready to set newer heights to reach newer levels. I was comfortable in college, with my family, and friends from home, so of course I will want to sometimes relive those time; but God has placed me on a new path for a specific reason and a purpose and I can’t allow myself to be side tracked about my past in such a way that, I forget about my future. Yes, I will miss my friends and family, but if I do not get myself in a position of success and mature as a man, I will always rely on them and end up as a failure. Of course I will not forget my friends and family, but I need to get out of my zone to achieve bigger goals and conquer bigger warriors, so I can easily allow more memories with them in the near of distant future as God and time permits. A real man is never afraid of a journey. Because a real man is a conqueror, survivor, positive thinker, loving, strong, bold, hard working and ambitious.

If you ask me:  “Joe, if you would like to relive any moment in your past, what will it be?”. I will say NONE. I am looking for what is yet to come and not what is in the rear view. I am looking forward to starting my career, being the best employer for my company, maturing, being a motivator, an author, a husband, a father, a grand father, a great grand father, a great, great, grand father, a minister, a philanthropist, and whatever God has in store for me. I am looking ahead, and not behind. “The old is gone and the new has come”.