The World Can’t Wait

We must be the generation of change.

We must be the generation of positivity. Our world is destroying around us.

We have to do something and we have to act. We can’t afford to continue to sit and watch.

We can’t afford to act like we do not care. We simply can’t afford it because it costs not to care and it costs not to help Society is getting worse.

Like a friend said, MTV and BET have both become our Bibles We do not search for wisdom and all we care about is ourselves Tuition keeps sky rocketing, but what do we do about it? Sit and careless. We vote people in power but really do not hold them accountable for getting things done Men are becoming weak, women are becoming girls and kids are going out of control

We careless about our neighbors and we simply ask God “are we our brothers’ keepers” We chase money instead of passion We chase girls instead of women. We chase boys instead of men We settle instead of raising the bar. We sell ourselves cheap instead of knowing our worth

We seek celebrities instead of seeking God We got it all twisted.. we got it all messed up. We have been soaked into lies and fake ideologies We go to college and we are quickly in debt, yet still, they say Wealth = Asset – Debt And yet still, we are afraid to speak up, stand up and challenge the status quo We are after all in the land of the free, and the home of the brace but all I see is bondage in debt and people afraid to step up to the plate Men and women have no values Men and women can’t get married without getting a divorce Men and women have lost respect for each other Men and women see celebrities as god Kids? Oh no. They actually run the home of their parents

Yes, we have become the nonchalant generation We have become the lazy generation Good people go unappreciated, and the bad get the glory. We are the generation with fake T.V shows called reality T.V

We are the generation where making a porn video makes you famous. Where are the Martin Luther Kings, the Kennedys, the Yaa Asantewaas, the Aristotles and Socrates and Mother Theresas?

We have become afraid of the future and we have become afraid of who God has made us. I have not lost hope in this generation. I have not lost hope in mankind. I am ready to join forces with people from all walks of life who will embark this journey to help change our world. Who will help me change this society we are in and turn things around?

You are more powerful than you think, because He that is in you is greater than he that is in the world You can face tomorrow. You can help. You can be a success. You can help change the world We should stand up for the poor, help the weak and speak for the underpriveledged. Let us do this for our generation, for our future, and for our world! The world can’t wait for this generation So help US GOD!


-JFC Join this group if you want to be encouraged daily

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