It is a cliche

“Be the change you want to see”. Seriously speaking, I hear this all the time and it got to a point I hated hearing it

It is self explanatory, but the meaning never gets old. I am surrounded by positive individuals in my life who most of the time, criticize the society we live in; but how many of them will be willing to be the change they want to see. If they say men should not cheat, how many of them will be willing not to cheat when the situation presents itself?

Why is this so important? I believe this is important because sometimes the only “Christ” people see is you. Sometimes when you push for something positive, the world looks at examples of what you are preaching and you will be surprised that they are actually looking at you from their seats.

Yes, it is a cliche, but most cliches are true and that is the only reason why they can carry on from generations to generations and stay true. Truth is tested with time.

I know you have heard it a million times, but let us all “be the change we want to see”.

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