Power And Influence For Good

Influence in my opinion is the ability to get someone to do something for you out of their own free will. Power is simply the ability to influence. There have been many influential people through out history. Martin Luther King, Ghandi, Abraham Lincoln etc. All the above mentioned people were not influential but powerful. They did not have to be in a position of power to be influential but they become powerful because of their ability to influence for the general good.

Some powerful leaders like Hitler were powerful and very influential. He influenced a whole army to follow his vision in global dominance but he failed miserable all because his power and influence were not for good. Nothing evil can stand the test of time.

We are the future leaders of this generation and most of us will end up being influential and powerful. We should not let anything (greed and selfish desires) stop us from using our strengths for good. We will live a positive legacy if we offer the world a positive energy.

“One measure of success is how influential and powerful a man can be; but it will be deemed as a failure if the power or influence was not used for good” – JFC

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