Insects Do Not Bite From Afar

“An insect can only bite if it is close, so be careful of those you call friends” – Joe Darko

Trust is very important to me as a person. I have to trust the people I walk with. I have to trust my family and friends. In this world, you can’t be by yourself so you have to keep good friends but do not be fooled by those you call friends.

The people closest to you are the people you should be careful of. This is because those close to you are the only ones who know how to hurt you; not only that, but it hurts to see someone close to you betray your trust.

Think about this: incase I rob a bank (God forbid) with my friends and we got away peacefully without a trace, how will the police have any idea who it is (ignore in-depth forensics for now), unless someone close to me who probably helped me come up with the idea or who helped me spend the stolen money?  The people closest to you are the ones who know your ins and outs. They most likely know everything about you and they know what will hurt you and what will make you happy. Yes, these people should be trusted but do not be a fool in this world because after all, who would have thought Brutus would have joined the conspirators to kill Cesar. The conspirators needed Brutus who Cesar trusted. They say “keep your friends close and your enemies closer”, I say “be very careful of who you keep close”, because enemies can turn into friends within days and friends into enemies.

“Having a lot of friends can be great, but be ready to face hurt and disappointments from these same friends” – JFC

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