“They said”… 6 Things Troubling The Black/African Race In America

This is a little piece to basically encourage my Black or African friends out there to challenge the status quo and reach the top.

We need more successful Black/Africans in our communities. We need more role models. We need more black leaders. We need more and more great black men and women to turn things around in today’s society.


They said our kids will never amount to nothing: Statistically, it is a tough thing to grow up as a minority in any place. Our kids need us to be there for them. It starts with both parents. Both parents will need to be around and to help the kid mature.


They said we can never get out of college: It is depressing to see the number of black kids who go to college, and the number of black kids who actually graduate from college. We all need to be out brothers and sisters keepers. We need to encourage one another to fight and get out of college. Yes, there are some barriers, but they are meant to be broken. We should all fight against certain things like tuition increase which totally destroys us more.


They said all we can do is play sports: Yes, we are naturally gifted and talented to play sports (and we do great at it as well); but thats not all we can do. We can do other things others do. We can ply on the same field with the Chinese and Caucasians. We are intelligent enough to do so. We should not stick to only sports but spread our wings.


WE say our man “ain’t sh*t” : This is pathetic. This is not necessarily them saying it. This is our women saying it. If we call our men that, we are obviously forcing other people to say the same things about the black men in society. We are something. We are actually more than something. We need to treat each other with respect.


They said our women will forever be single: Another depressing fact: about 70% of our women are single. Yes, beautiful black women. Why is that? Black men, it starts from us; but black women you all should really appreciate and accept a good black man when you all get hold of them. Will talk about this a lot more.


They said we can’t keep good black relationships, can’t get married or keep a marriage: This is another sad story. We need to bring a whole new form and level of respect in our relationships. That is one way it will last. We do not respect each other, so we destroy each other. Can we all make it happen?

Conclusion: Society is shifting from good to bad (yes, I believe it is a cycle), but the cycle hurts us a lot more than any other race. Society will get better with time, but when it gets better, it would have done some damage to our communities. We need to educate the uneducated, help the poor, fight for the weak, and save our future. This note is not like a black nationalist note or anything like that, it is simply addressing some problems some naysayers and pundits have said concerning the beautiful black population of this world.

We live in America and we can definitely set the trend for the rest of the world to follow.

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