Perfect Girl, Perfect Relationship

I get these questions a lot: “What do you like in a girl?” “What makes a relationship perfect?” “Are you the ‘Hitch’ or something?” etc. The last question is kind of irrelevant, but its a stepping stone to my topic for the evening. Am I the “Hitch”? Heck NO I am not the hitch. I probably do act like the hitch certain times, mainly to get my point across. The topic  of relationship to me is an interesting one. It intrigues me and it gets me to think. I love to think. Thinking is good for your brain because it brings out a lot of hidden truth which later translates to wisdom and knowledge, and as we all know, both attributes (wisdom and knowledge) are very important to have.

I am not an expert at relationships, but a student. I am learning and since I love to share, I share everything I have learned through advise, experiences and personal theories and observations. Relationships intrigues me because we as humans, no matter how we sometimes try to denounce ourselves from society, are actually relational beings. It is natural to be social and it natural to have relations with friends, parents and significant others. My theories are never “perfect”, because I am gradually learning to master the art. It is easy to learn anything, but it is hard to master anything.

Perfection in my own definition is simply  “without fault”. A lot of young adults are killing themselves looking for the perfect relationship. I hate to burst bubbles, but stop watching Disney Channel because there is nothing like a perfect relationship. Nothing like that. How can there be a perfect relationship if the people who constitute that particular relationship are not perfect? A perfect relationship is the relationship between you and God, because you have at least one perfect being keeping the relationship stronger while you mess up. Relationships with humans will have its ups and downs, it will have its moment, but the real question is, who wants it to work? The people in it are not perfect, so there can never be the perfect relationship; but they can make it work if they put in work.

The perfect girl. The perfect girl is the girl who knows she is not perfect. The girl who has accepted her faults and knows her short comings in a relationship, but works to maintain a healthy relationship (not a perfect one). The perfect girl does not say, “o well, this is how I am and if he loves me, he will accept me for who I am”. I feel a lot of girls have been lied to with that statement. Then they play the God game: “this is how God made me, so accept me or leave me.” If you really believe in God,  you will not use his name in vain for one, and secondly, God is good and God is perfect and He is the creator of everything good. So I believe every negative trait a person has is something they can work on or alter for the betterment of one self and people around him/her.

Sometimes we forget that two different people (men and women) trying to make the impossible happen: two people trying to be one. It is not going to be easy and it will require work. The work does not mean we should not be ourselves. The work means we should constantly adjust to circumstances since you are dealing with a whole new human being.

If you are not willing to work in life, be ready to be broke and hungry. If you are not willing to work in a relationship, be ready to be single and miserable.


  1. i like your article. especially the statement”The perfect girl is the girl who knows she is not perfect.”
    its really an eye opener and very educative.

  2. I think the perfect girl isn’t the girl who knows she’s perfect or not. But she is perfect in her man’s eyes. Regardless of what she’ll say or do, the guy sees her faults and still thinks she’s perfect “to him”. Tho, I find it often girls try to change themselves to match the guy. WHy???

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