How To Sweep A Girl Off Her Feet: 3 Easy Steps

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DISCLAIMER: This Article Is For MEN Who Are Into A Woman For The RIGHT REASONS! I Do Not Feed Dogs!

“No girl wakes up and say ‘I do not want to be swept of my feet'” – Hitch

It sounds ridiculous but it is true. Every girl (if she is really a girl) wants to be cared for, wants a guy to understand her, appreciate her and like her for who she truly is. Yes, some girls do put up fronts, but they do so because of how shallow we (guys) can be. We are part of the problem. I accept it, you should too. We have allowed our women to put on a wall, which only does nothing but hurts us and hurt them as well. I believe this was not the intention of mother nature.

Now, I truly believe that, when God made man, he gave him everything he needed or will need to find a suitable mate for himself. Ok, that was a little weak. I totally believe that you can really sweep a girl off her feet. You can get her to at least have interest in you.

I will now give you 3 easy steps that woman you want off of her feet. BUT REMEMBER this will only work if you have good intentions. If you only care about the girl and if you really want to start something special with her. I am totally sick and tired of girls being treated as sex objects by males. We know better than that and we should not do as such. You will be surprised how many girls can see through your evil intentions (if you have any). (There is more, but I can’t give you more than 3 since I probably do not know you personally and your intentions might not be good. I do not feed dogs in diamond plates).



My dad will never allow me to get into a relationship knowing I do not have the right intentions. Because not having the right intentions might scar a girl for life which will later come back to hurt you. Never have a great interest in a girl just for sexual purposes, just to use her, or just to torment her heart. We have a lot of females who have fallen to victims because the last guy who came around had no good intentions. Yes, we are the same guys who will one day want to grow up and will want to get married to “good women”, but why are we hurting these girls with our evil intentions so early? We are part of the problem by hurting these girls at very young age with evil intentions and then trying to turn our back to be with them. Yet, we wonder why they put up walls. We are part of the problem so we should become part of the solution as well. You will be surprised how many girls can actually tell if a guy has evil intentions. Like my mom always says, “females have this intuition (God given) which is meant to protect them”.

How this will help you get the girl you need: Good intentions will open many doors of opportunity for you. Sometimes, the girl might be so soaked in her past that she will not see your good intentions. It is not your job to play SUPERMAN. This is the time you stay away and allow her to get rid of her baggage. Some girls simply do not like guys with good intentions! It is a fact. If you are a guy with good intentions, such a girl is not meant for you. You will definitely get your heart broken and break the man law code 324: “Men do not cry in the presence of  multiple women”. If she can’t see or accept your good intentions, be a man and step off a bit. It is not your job to cure the blind. Jesus already did that. It is your job to let her know that you are a man and you were being sincere. After you have done that, give her time and space. She will definitely come around when she sees what is really inside of you. If she does not, you can call me. NO do not call me.

Good intentions will make you a better person overall. The better you become, the chances of you are attracting a woman with good intentions is relatively high.



You are not a man if you are looking to be another man just to win a girl. Seriously speaking, how would it feel if you got a girl based on someone else’s identity? A lot of young men are faking in today’s society. They come up to a girl and totally lie about who they truly are. It will never sit well with me if a girl liked me because she thought I was something or someone else. If I drive a Mercedes, I will tell the girl I drive a Mercedes. If I walk or take the CATA bus like it is a taxi, I will proudly tell her the truth. I will always want a girl to like me for who I am, not who she thinks I am going to be or not who she thinks I am. I want to be at peace with her and myself. Knowing, this girl saw something in me and totally liked me for who I am. My personality is a weird one. For example: I am like the energizer bunny. I am always on the move, laughing, having a good time, living life, talking, playing sports, video games, partying, writing, reading etc. I mean that is me, and I would like a girl to see the tru me and like me for who I am.

If a girl can’t like you for who you truly are, best believe she won’t stay with you for long. Have no mercy. Allow the girl to like you for your plus as well as your negatives.

How this will help you get the girl you need: The world is running out of men with good character and real men. There are a lot of fake men out there and you being yourself, will separate you from the bunch of idiotic men out there. Yes, they say “girls like lies”, yup. Girls do like lies, but LADIES and WOMEN love the truth. Tell her who you really are. Maybe your small dreams and goals. If she is down with that, she will like you like no other. She will help you achieve those goals and dreams and she will help make you a better man.

True personality is like pregnancy. You can’t hide it for too long. It will come out eventually. You will be surprised to see a lot of girls like men just because of who they are; not because hey drive a Mercedes Benz, not because they rap and sing like T.Pain, not because of anything else guys will lie about just to be with a girl. There is nothing more peaceful that to see a girl like you for you. If she does not like you for you, then she does not deserve to be with you. Raise the bar, set the standards and be a man.



I mean why are you so pressed. Yes, I understand you like this girl so much and all, but relax. Keep your calm and respect yourself. One turn off for girls is a guy who acts so pressed. You are a man for crying out loud. There is nothing more important than a man keeping his calm and respecting himself. Girls see that and the like that. Do not fly the plane when there is no one else in it. Like my dad told me “SON DO NOT LIKE ANYONE WHO DOES NOT LIKE YOU”. This was a strong warning from my pops. Never in your life as a guy like a girl who clearly does not want you. If a girl is playing hard to get, it is her own problem. Let her solve it. Do not try to be Superman and try to solve her problems whiles you are not even with her. You will be placed in the friendship zone and you might not make it out of there. Yes, you should be friends, but keep your calm and respect yourself. She probably knocked you off your feet, but you have to learn how to keep calm in those situations.

It is funny how a girl will tell her man “Jump”. The man will say “How High” and will add, “Can I jump one more time”? You are nothing but a puppy. Men are naturally decision makers, so we solely do not make decisions based on emotions. So the next time your emotions are running wild, pause, relax, calm down, and think. I am not saying not to be a man, and show real and true emotions, but do not end up killing yourself  or going insane just because you like a girl who will probably not like you back because you placed her on a pedestal. It is a give and take situation. As much as you are giving to her, you should also be receiving. Or else, you will end up miserable even have getting the chance to be with her. The only way you can treat a lady with respect is if and only if you respect yourself as a man. It starts from you. Not from her.If you do not respect your self as a man, she will see it and believe me, take advantage of you.

How this will help you get the girl you need: You will simply not look like a fool.

This is just the beginning! A lot more to come. Fellas, it is about time we find the right way to win a woman. We have also been soaked to believe in the whole Disney beliefs: “Only the prince can win the princess” etc. Well, the prince was once a proud frog. Lets us be real men with good intentions, respect, dignity and honor. That is the only way we can become the prince for our women. Let us go in with good intentions, care and respected. Let us be ourselves and let us keep or cool.


  1. Didn’t really dig ur message to ladies who don’t lyk u or play hard to get coz in Matt.5:43-48 ,the Good Book recommends that we love evrybody;dats hw we even show that we are sons of the Maker.We definitely cannot solve all peoples problems but our show of godly love and prayer can heal some hearts

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