Some people believe success is all about having lots and lots of money. Its A Lie!

Yea, there is some truth to it, but that little truth in it can’t stand the test of time. Only the ultimate truth can stand the test of time; which makes it a lie.

A lot of people have lots and lots of money but are not successful. Deep huh? Nope. Not really.

Financial success is not success (at least not to me)

Financial success = partial success.

Answer these questions then define your own success, but before that, success to me is fulfilling my God given destiny here on earth. Fulfilling my God given destiny will bring comfort, peace, joy, love and grace. What is success without all of that?

Questions (5 Questions):

What is success without good health? What is wealth without health? How will you enjoy your success?

What is success without true and real people to help you enjoy your success? Loneliness can kill.

What is success without a positive impact to society?

What is success without peace?

What profits a man if he gains the world, but loses his soul? Think About It.

True success is not meant for the the wicked, the lazy nor the selfish.

If you are thinking more about yourself when you think about success, then you will not be successful.


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