Beauty Missing? Pay Attention And You Might Find It

So last night, my girlfriend and I were watching Surfs Up. It was indeed a good and funny movie. We both enjoyed it but from the look of things, she enjoyed it the most. She was laughing like she has never seen it before; but then again, that is Aliyah for you. She enjoys laughing and loves to laugh. I am glad I sometimes make her smile and laugh. Erhh it is indeed a beautiful scene seeing her laugh or smile.

After every movie, there are of course the credits we all don’t pay attention to. For some strange reason, I allowed the credits to roll (probably because I was enjoying my chinese and did not really care) and of course great music comes with the credits. This particular song stood out to my girlfriend and it was a song my Lauren Hill – Lose Myself. The song was absolutely beautiful. I was surprised I never heard this song before.

The song is absolutely beautiful in the sense that, Lauren’s lyrics are flying all over the place. I mean in a way, the lyrics are rhythmic in their own world, while the tune is also moving in a whole new direction, but they eventually come together and give it a whole new beauty. You will think she is just reciting something, but in reality, she is actually singing. I mean it is like “beautiful commotion”. Because of the commotion, you might miss the beauty aspect of the song.  It brought me back to my earlier post about what music has to be to me:

“To me, MUSIC has to be:

M – Magical. Music has to be magical. It has to sweep you off your feet. It might be a club banger, but it has to be swift and like I said, magical.

U – Unique. To me, music can be unique. The more unique a particular can of song is, the better.

S – Sexy. Do not get me wrong, I mean sexy as in appealing, catchy, and attractive. Yes, I am describing like I will describe a cute girl. The sexiness of music starts from the writer to the producer. The music has to be a great tune in a way that it catches the ears of an individual, the way sexiness catches the eye.

I – Influential. Beyond words, music can certainly influence you and give you a whole new mindset and energy on things.

C – Creative. Besides it being unique (existing as the only one or sole example), music has to be creative (coming from originality of thought or expression).”

Lauren Hill’s song definitely passed my test and added a whole new flavor to it.

When we pay attention to the most interesting things in this world (UNIQUE things), we might be weirded out at first because it is different. But the more we pay attention, the more we realize and see its beauty. It is actually a beautiful song. Hope you all see the beauty I see when I listen to the song.

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