Day: February 22, 2011

This Is Seriously Pathetic: Leave Cam Newton Alone!

I was just about to study for my exam tomorrow when i decided to get online and read something. I happen to stumble upon a story about Cam Newton, the QB of Auburn who helped his team win the National Champion and also won honors as the Nation’s Best QB and most importantly the 2010 – 2011 Heisman Trophy Winner. In my opinion, he deserved it since he did everything the “books” told him to do in order to win a championship. He played well on the field and won the hearts of many, expect the heart of his enemies (of course).

Injustice is something which really ticks me off and I think it is unfair how Cam Newton and his father have been scruntized since day one. No one cared about his dad taking momey from schools when he was transferring; but soon after his name was all over the news as one of the best QBs, someone took it upon themselves to do a personal reserch about his life and bring out every flaw of him (who ever that person is shoulod get a life. If that is his life, he needs a new one).

We are not perfect. We all have issues here and there, but it really sucks when people try to judge you based on your past mistakes and it sucks when people do not give you the respect you deserve. What got me to write this is because the article is probably one of the worst articles ever; in the sense that, it was suppose to talk about Cam Newton working out for scouts at the NFL combine, but the last paragraph, in my opinion was inserted to remind team owners and coaches not to select Cam Newton this coming April during the NFL draft, since he has a past. I feel as though this is very pathetic and very uncalled for. Below is the article:

“FORT WORTH, Texas — Cam Newton plans to fully participate in the NFL combine that begins later this week, saying he wants “to be transparent” through the whole draft process.

The quarterback who won the national title and Heisman Trophy in his only season at Auburn has to adjust to taking snaps under center for the NFL. He has been working with a quarterbacks coach, and held a workout for the media earlier this month.

Newton, who accepted the Davey O’Brien Award as the nation’s best quarterback on Monday, says he’s prepared to work out for NFL teams at the combine and answer their questions.

The NCAA has ruled Newton’s father tried to get Mississippi State to pay for him to play there. There was no evidence Newton knew what his father did.”

Copyright 2011 by The Associated Press

The NCAA has ruled Newton’s father tried to get Mississippi State to pay for him to play there. There was no evidence Newton knew what his father did.”  <<<< —- Who really cares? Why does this have to be there. This article was meant to talk about how Cam Newton is ready to play in the NFL and how he is preparing towards it. The last paragraph was just to remind us of how “evil” Cam Newton and his father can be.

I believe he deserve a chance. The same football fans who were screaming for the head of Michale Vick after his incident are now screaming his name and praising his name.

My question is, how come Brett Favre and Big Ben have not face such scrutiny? Can we all make it fair?

Why “Shut Up” Our Women?

I was reading this blog by Danah Boyd on Gender Issues and Success. The blog was really good, so I decided to write a response defending her claims. This might be a little controversial to some males. You do not have to read her article before you read my response, but feel free to read it here:

*I do not use profanity, curse, or swear or “cuss” when I write or speak, so I had to “bleep” out some words. Sorry in advance if you are offended.

Danah Boyd’s argument is a very good argument. As sad as it is, it is very true that society label women as “bit*hes” the moment they speak out of boldness. Society is kind of stuck in the notion that women are supposed to be reserved and are supposed to be quiet. We have made ourselves a glass ceiling waiting to be broken by women of all race and ethnicity.

Society is about diversity, but like Danah Boyd said, “Diversity isn’t about some magical collection of five differently colored skin tones. It’s about bringing different perspectives and backgrounds to the table and creating an environment that values what can be gained from different voices who’ve taken different paths”. We in a diverse world and in order to be a successful organization or company, diversity is very much needed. People do immediately believe that diversity is about color but that is not true at all. In my opinion, diversity can comprise of one’s pigmentation, but comprise of the overall make up of an individual. A diverse society is a society where by there are different intellect, ethnicity, gender, views, agendas, goals, aspirations and dreams come together for the betterment of that particular society.

The United States is believed to be one of the world’s most ethnically diverse and multicultural nations. The United has the ability to gather knowledge from different groups of people all over the world to benefit the general population. They say knowledge is power, and knowledge sometimes comes from experiences from people. Women and men alike come with different experiences society will need to succeed beyond our reach.

Diversity to me is like your fingers working together. They are all different lengths, but they work together to accomplish the same goal. Let’s make the picture a lot bigger for clarification purposes: your body has different parts. Your hands are for eating, your eyes for seeing, your nose to smell, your brain to think, your butt to sit and your leg to walk. Have you ever seen anyone eating with their butt? Probably not. Let us bring this back to the “diversity” world. Think as though your legs acquired wisdom over the years is enabling you to walk; without that “wisdom or knowledge” (your leg) you will not be able to walk and go about your regular daily business. Diversity is just like that to me. We need each and every ounce of ideas, knowledge and wisdom from our women and we need to continue to encourage our women to speak up and let their voice be heard. You are not less of a man if you allow a woman to voice her opinion the way an average man will do. Are you? Guess not. What probably makes you a man is not being intimidated by the fact that a woman can speak as bold and fluent as you, and what will even make you more of a man is not calling her a “bit*h” just because she is expressive and can carry on a debate with you. A debate is always healthy, after all, you might learn a thing or two to benefit you. Let us not forget, it all has to be in a respectful manner from both men and men.

How can I help society to be diverse through my experiences (knowledge),  if I am not allowed to speak my mind? – Joe Darko