Day: February 21, 2011

I Am Not An Expert Anything, But A Student At Everything

I love my life. I mean, it is “my” life, “my” experiences, “my” struggles, “my” pain, “my” victories and “my” joy. It is my life and I love it no matter what. In my life so far, I have learned a lot. A lot from experiences, mentors, friends and I have learned a lot from my enemies. Learning to me, is like writing; you can never finish writing a book, hence you can never finish learning. As a student, I have realized that there is always something new to learn and as an author, there is always something to add to my published work.

A lot of people will be easily fooled and mistaken me for an expert on issues like relationships, life, etc. I am really not an expert at anything. Yes, most of my friends come to me for advice, I get invites to speak at various events, host shows , weddings, and etc. but in reality, I am just a regular college student who is willing to share what he has learned over the course of the years. I make it a point to take my own advice as well. I am not better than the person next to me, neither am I better than the person without a college a education (even though society says I am), because death awaits all of us. I thing I make it a point to learn from the people around me. God did not give one person all the wisdom in this world. The wisdom was distrributed amongs us all, and it is my job to learn from people through advice they give and by simple assocaition. You will be surprised how many times I ask my friends for advice. My girlfriend is brilliant and I truly enjoy our intellectual conversations as well (even though it might go “great” at times – and she hates me for it). She gives me the opportunity to learn and grow in wisdom as well. She is the type of girl I talk to about anything and everything.

I personally believe that the only way one can mature is if one is willing to learn. I want to mature in knowledge and wisdom, which will increase me in future endeavors and turn me into a successful boyfriend, student, son, future husband, future father, business man and etc. There is nothing new under the sun, so learning will reveal any old things you have missed during your generation and just like a revelation, it will be made new.

One way I express what I have learned is writing (books, notes, and blogs). Writing keeps me busy intellectually and trains my brain to think deeper and gain revelations through my journey here on earth. I have made it a point to blog daily not just for my own benefit, but also, to share what I have (true or false, interesting or not).

Remember, you are not an expert at anything, but a student at everything!

A Unique Breed By Nature

I have the American intelligence
and I have the African wisdom
I have the American agility
and I have the African speed
I got the American ability to trash talk
and sometimes I have the African work ethic to back it up
I know my American History
and I always remember my Ghanaian culture
I have the American mentality of never quitting
and I have the African mentality of “Never say die, until the bones are rotten”
I strive for perfection like my African parents will want me to
But in the American world and reality, No one can be perfect
America made me a daredevil
But Ghana or Africa made me a brave man who is afraid of nothing
The American way, made me talk back towards my peers
But the African way, made me know my limits
America made me respect certain people
But Africa made me respect everyone
I can easily work with anyone:
With a white man, to them, I am not a harmful black guy
A black man, to them, I am their brother from another mother
A Hispanic man, to them, we are from a 3rd world place
An Asian, to them, we got strict parents
This is the truth, this is a fact, this is the real world.
Africans want their kids to get in the medical field
but Americans want their kids to do what makes them happy
I have experienced pretty much both sides of the world
I know what sadness is, I know what happiness is
I know what hatred is, I know what love is
I know what laziness is, I know what perseverance is
I know a lot, but I can’t say I know it all
I am never bored
because there is always a Ghanaian/African movie to watch
I am never bored because there is always a Ghanaian music to listen to
I am never bored
because there is always a white, black, hispanic, asian person to hang out with
I love a lot of people
and some people love me
Remember! Not everyone will love you
Not everyone will trust you
Not everyone will praise you
and definitely not everyone will appreciate you
But always try to be you

My Thoughts… Questions and More Questions!

Why throw stones if you live in a glass house?

Why lie to yourself if you have instincts?

Why don’t you believe in the dark cloud before it rains cats and dogs?

Why mess with the present knowing it will mess with your future?

Why do you even want to beat a dead horse when it causes harm?

Why try to open closed doors without the right keys?

Why be a man with no heart but proclaim your legitimacy?

Why be a woman with no care but cry?

Why hate the world you live in when you can hate the world you are not in?

Why destroy the exact thing which make you?

Why, why, why?