Penn State Students & THON

I knew I made the right decision the moment I step foot on this campus. Penn State is simply LIVE! It is a school with a lot of pride. The pride is what enables Penn State to be the school with the largest student run philanthropy in the world. The truth is, Penn State is highly respected around the world and the students actually have a voice. If you need to get anything done as an organization or company, Penn State students will be the way to go. I do not doubt our abilities and I do not doubt our vision and intellect.

This past weekend, Penn State had 2011 THON FTK. THON is basically when the student body come together and raise money for kids with pediatric cancer by dancing for 46 straight hours. This year, the students raised about $9.5 million dollars ($9,564,016.09) to be exact. This is what I call the PENN STATE PRIDE! Penn Students do have hearts and do care about other people besides themselves. I never doubted this fact. I am proud to be a Penn Stater and I dedicate this entry to all of my friends who participated in THON 2011! You are more than blessed.

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