10% Tution Increase Is Killing Us All!

A friend of mine was upset with me all because I spoke against the Penn State Tuition Increase. The friend said “Joe, you are a senior and you about to graduate, so why are you worried about the tuition increase if it is not going to affect you”. Obviously, my friend was not thinking. Maybe it will not affect me directly (for the moment), but how will I feel if I call a college friend to ask them how school is and all I hear is “I dropped out because the tuition was too high”. In the near or distant future, I will love for my kids to continue my legacy here at Penn State, but how will it feel (God forbid) if I can’t afford their tuition because its about $150,000?

Yes, some of us are from rich homes and will be encouraged not to mind; but is everyone around you from a rich home? I doubt that. My friend was right. I should probably sit and watch since it is not directly affecting me, but I will be a fool in my eyes and in the eyes of God if I at least do not try to fight this issue and stand up for those who are weak and speak for those who can’t speak. I will be a fool because someone did it for me. Martin Luther King walked so I can live in America with goals and dreams as a young African. A lot of people sacrificed their lives for me to be here today. It will be foolish and selfish not to do the same for our future and our generation. I have seen enough friends drop out of school because of tuition increase and I say ENOUGH is ENOUGH! I still speak against it. Win or Lose, I WILL SPEAK! I will walk, run and march for change.

Tuition increase is definitely killing us. Statistically, tuition increase negatively affects minorities a lot more. We need to climb the ladder to success. We need to get to the top and we deserve the chance starting with good education.

It is only right to fight for what is right!

I asked my friend Jessica to express how she feels about the topic and this is what she she wrote:


“I see no reason why I have to work 3 jobs, my dad has to work 2 jobs and my mum has to work all night  just so I can be able to go to penn state? I see no reason why I have to dropout of school and stay home for 2 years and work my till I drop just to come back to penn state and get a good education.


As minorities,we want to do better,we want to succeed in life,we want to be comfortable,we want to move out the projects but how can we do this if we are left to become drop outs because we can’t afford good education. If we as minorities where not aspiring to be better,we probably would be in some community college. We came to Penn state for a reason. Against all doubt from our very unproductive neighborhoods, we are here to do better. Our hopes of making a better future for us and our families came from being accepted to penn state, BUT you PENN STATE are killing these dreams. You are leaving me no option but to go back home and be that “no future” child i never wanted to be.
I deserve and education, and not just any but a GOOD education”.


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  1. The tuition increase is the main reason I had to leave Penn State. The Army wouldn’t fund 100% of my tuition because Penn State’s tuition is the same as private schools. Any other school was 100% FREE, but not Penn State! smh … That’s when I realized I was really paying for the NAME and the ALUMNI!
    Was I disappointed in leaving??? NO, because i knew, “Things Happen For A Reason!”
    However, i do not let SCHOOL get in the way of my EDUCATION! I know a lot of people who has made it without a degree or education. All they did was pick up a book and read, no teacher necessary.
    Also, job requirements change every four years. It used to be just an Associate Degree, then Bachelors Degree. Now you either gotta have a Bachelors Degree with 4yrs experienced or a Masters Degree. Its always something! Just makes me want to be Self-Employed!

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