Is She Really Beautiful?

It’s about 6 something in the morning and I can hear the dang annoying birds singing
It was so annoying that I decided not to sleep, but stay up and listen to music, and review some of my old writings
What was ugly at first (the sound of the birds) all of a sudden turned out to be beautiful to me
Why was it beautiful? Because those birds didn’t give a dang whether I thought their chirping or singing was beautiful, annoying, ugly and what not.
I realized the beauty in what they are doing after I took the time to observe the tune of their chirping and singing
Now that is BEAUTIFUL!

Sometimes as humans we miss the beauty in a person
First impressions are great, but beauty is more than appearance
My male friends and I sometimes talk about the girls they are interested in
They tell me what most guys will say about a girl “she is beautiful, she is this bad, and that and that..oh and she is fine”
I wait and wait and wait. Waiting for them to say something about the girl’s smile, traits, personality and attitude
They miss the whole point on what beauty is. Then I have to sit them down, and try to give them my little input on beauty
Now that is BEAUTIFUL!

With technology improving, we can definitely put a price on beauty based on appearance – Nicki Minaj is obviously better looking than she was 5-7 years ago. All because of money
Anything which has monetary value has no value at all – Because it will perish over the course of time
But what God has embedded in a human being will not perish. It might alter due to circumstances, but will not perish
If my fellow guys only pay attention to outside beauty alone, then these friends of mine will never be able to stick to one woman
Because believe it or not, there is always going to be a more beautiful woman
There is never going to be the most beautiful woman in the world (of-course besides my mom and my future wife), so following the outward appearance will lead you to follow many and unnecessary women
There is always going to be someone more physically beautiful out there
But there will always be ONE and ONLY ONE NATURAL BEAUTIFUL personality, behavior, ethics, and lady
Because what is within a woman cannot be reproduced or manufactured by any man besides God
So following inner beauty of an individual will lead you to follow the will and plan of God
Now that is BEAUTIFUL!

Beauty in my opinion is just not a 3 second glance at a woman
It is the continual gorgeous personality of a wonderful individual
I usually ask my friends questions which they really hate
“Would you still want to be with this girl if she gained 80 pounds”?
“Would you still be with girl if you see her without her make up and her messed up hair”?
“Would you still be with this girl after she is done having kids, and she looks kind of old”? etc.
The outside beauty of a person doesn’t get better over time
It get’s worse
The inner beauty of a person, believe it or not, with the girl being in line and right standing with God will get better and better over time
That is something you can cherish and hold onto
Now that is BEAUTIFUL!

Now guys, pay attention like the way I payed attention to the birds and realized how beautiful their singing/chirping was
At first, some of the personalities of these girls might be very annoying and depressing 😦
But once you take the time and patience to try to accept and work with it, it will become the most beautiful thing you have ever experienced
*Do not try to understand women! Never do that. Because You can never understand them but only reason with them* – They are complicated for their own good, and thats the beauty about women to me. I tell my mom this all the time, and I am yet to hear her deny it. 🙂
I believe and know that God allowed humans to have weakness which will be seen as strengths to the people who cherish us the most
You are not obliged to like the natural weakness of a woman (be truthful); but you are obliged to accept it if you are willing to call her beautiful
Beauty does not come in parts. It comes in a total package, it comes in one piece, it comes complete and it comes with God
Now that is BEAUTIFUL!


  1. Couldn’t have said it better myself bro. To me physical appearance is only a portion of what attracts me to someone. Her beauty within is what matters to me most. I never cared what other people think of the woman I would be interested in, if she is beautiful in my eyes thats all that matters.

  2. I really liked the point you made about something of monetary value has no value at all. But, I would disagree with you on your point which you say that men should never try to understand women because we are complicated for our own good. That is the problem with many men. If you do not try to understand a woman then you will never be able to reason with her or console her. You will only try to give in to what she wants without understanding her reasons behind her decision. I will not say that women aren’t complicated because we are but I think that’s a beautiful part of us which we are not able to share with many men because they have these preconceived notions that we are just too complicated. If you take the time to sit down and learn us piece by piece and level by level then it won’t seem so complicated anymore.

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