What Can Music Possibly Be?

I will make this short as possible.

Music can be anything to anybody. To me, MUSIC has to be:

M – Magical. Music has to be magical. It has to sweep you off your feet. It might be a club banger, but it has to be swift and like I said, magical.

U – Unique. To me, music can be unique. The more unique a particular can of song is, the better.

S – Sexy. Do not get me wrong, I mean sexy as in appealing, catchy, and attractive. Yes, I am describing like I will describe a cute girl. The sexiness of music starts from the writer to the producer. The music has to be a great tune in a way that it catches the ears of an individual, the way sexiness catches the eye.

I – Influential. Beyond words, music can certainly influence you and give you a whole new mindset and energy on things.

C – Creative. Besides it being unique (existing as the only one or sole example), music has to be creative (coming from originality of thought or expression).

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