I AM AFRICAN… and can you say proud?

I have never denied the fact that I am African

I am actually astonished that some “African” friends deny that they are Africans

They say “my mom is from there but I am from here”

Seriously, Africa does not want you anyways

Because being African is all about pride

No. I am not talking about pride which goes contrary to humility

I am talking about the pride you have that helps you stand out

The pride which will not allow you to say such stupid things like “I am not African but my parents are”

The pride that makes you smile when you hear an African name with 200 vowels (Olabunike Kofi Mamgbe Eduazi)

The pride you have when you hear that beautiful African accent



These are people who are beautiful (no homo to the fellas)

People who are unique

Because they are never shy of saying, I am from Nigeria, Ghana, Sudan etc.

These are the people I love to be around, because there is no sense of fakeness

I have seen Africans who will hide when they see their fellow Africans

Maybe because they are scared they will scream their African names out

If you are that scared then go for a name change.. its a free country and u probably do not deserve the African name


Sometimes, I wish I had a strong African name

Joe Darko seems and sounds white (I was told by friends).. But Darko is a Ghanaian name actually

I want an African name so strong that everyone will make a mistake while trying to pronounce it


If I wasn’t African, I bet I would have loved to be one

1. We are cool – what can we not do?

2. We know how to dress – village style, fresh off the boat style, casual, business etc.

3. We have a real world experience – Shoot.. Thank God I lived in Ghana because I probably would have been a lil ignorant

4. We speak a different language besides English (a language which can make people go crazy – especially twi)

5. WE KNOW HOW TO DANCE – i have heard black and white girls say they love dancing with African guys, because we actually move (DUHHHH- WE ARE AFRICANS)

6. We are so outgoing – If you see a stuck up African, please smack them! It is not our style (I see some around here all the time)

7. We are goal oriented – We know where we coming from, hence we know where to go

8. We were bought up by parents who don’t take crap – so we are respectful

9. We are brilliant – I see a lot of my friends and the things they do and I say to myself “only if they know their potential in this world”

10. We love to have fun! — Try hanging out with us, we are LOUD, CRAZY, FUNNY, ENTERTAINING and EXCITING to be around


The list can go on and on and on…

One time, I met this girl with a bunch of friends

The girl is Ghanaian but tried to act like she does not speak twi

It got me upset! And you already know how I don’t take crap

I started to talk to her in our dilect right when we hopped on the Cata Bus to my friends apartment

My plan worked.. It triggered a response.. and she had to speak in our dilect

Her friends seemed surprised and said “You never told us u were from Africa”

I looked at her friends as I walked off the bus and said

“She is not.. Real True Africans are never ashamed to mention that they are from Africa”

Left them speechless and dipped!


Do you know how many people want to be like us?

Do you know how many people going back to Africa everyday just to learn something about our rich culture?

Do you know how many people are fascinated by our accent?

Do you know how many people love to date an African?

Do you know how many people jock our swag?

Do you know how many people want to hang out with us?



There is nothing more beautiful than a dark skinned African

Nothing more unique than an African with a unique style

Nothing more significant than who God made you to be!

Be LOUD, Be PROUD, Be African

“The Worst Mistake Someone Can Make In His Life Is To Deny His/Her Own Identity” – JFC


SHOUT OUT TO THOSE WHO TO KEEP IT 100%. Love you all !




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