Beauty Is In You

We all walk around the world calling other things beautiful. To me, you are beautiful so long as you see yourself as such. You might be wondering what my definition of beauty is: beauty to me is the inner peace one has irrespective of pressures from the world we live in. The inner peace brings light where there is darkness; the inner peace brings confidence, love, brings truth, charisma, character and brings hope.

Beauty is from within and reflects on the outside; hence beauty is not defined by the looks of an individual. Beauty does not fade, but the looks of an individual is like any perishable item which fades with time.

On campus, I have come across a lot of good looking girls who are not beautiful. They are good looking but they lack the presence of a beautiful woman. Men, will always date the good looking woman but will marry the beautiful ones. Beauty for that matter is not associated with the female gender alone. With my definition of beauty, a beautiful man is a man of honor, manners and character. The beauty of a person is usually what makes that person special and it is exactly what makes that individual stand out in the midst of thousands. If someone is beautiful, you will always hear people say, “there is something about this person – and I do not know what it is and I can not place a finger on it”.

In the real world, the people who have beauty are the people who usually go far in life. Thousands of people can apply for one job, but only one person will be selected. What did this person have that none of the others had – BEAUTY. I have come to the realization that most of the influential people I admire a lot had some sense of beauty in them: Jesus Christ – because of this one man alone, a whole new movement called Christianity started and it is the largest religion in the world. Obama – even though I disagree with some of the things he is doing in office, the man’s confidence and charisma made him stand out against all odds and was able to become the first black president of America. Maya Angelou, Martin Luther King, Nelson Mandela, John F. Kennedy are all examples of great men and women who had beauty. They never allowed society to define them and never allowed society to take anything from their God given beauty.

Search your soul and find what stands out (it will always be something good) and that thing will produce great fruits for you in your life time. That thing is what makes you and individual and that thing is what makes you beautiful.

Everyone has the potential to be beautiful!


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