Is Money Everything?

“If money is everything, the world is nothing” – Joe Darko

Money is good to have. Money can help accomplish important tasks. I do not buy into the notion that money is evil. The crazy love for money is what makes money evil because that “crazy love” will force you to do unthinkable and evil things to get the money you want. No one should ever be proud of creating financial success at the expense of others. I call that “wicked/devil money”. Money is great to have and it helps solve some problems in life, but money should not be placed on a pedestal because money is NOT everything. Some of my major plans in life: building an orphanage will require me to have a pretty good amount of financial stability. Money is great to have, after all buying my future private jet will require a lot of money! We should not chase after money, but we should be of value for money to chase after us!

A lot of teenagers in world are refusing to follow their passions, goals and dreams but they are quick to chase after money (that is not making them valuable). Chasing your goals, passions and dreams brings about the real you. The more real you reveal about yourself, the more valuable you become. Some of the youth today are into the money business; they see NBA, NFL, Soccer, T.V and Radio stars driving big cars and buying big houses so they immediately believe in the notion that money can buy everything including the intangibles like peace and happiness. Money can buy a lot, but money can’t buy what keeps a human being happy and satisfied to face another day. Money can’t buy faith, hope, peace, joy and love – these  are the necessary components that help make the world go around.

One of my favorite movies within the past few years has been “Slumdog millionaire”. I learned a valuable lesson in that movie: the younger brother followed his passions and dreams while the older one went after money. At the end of the day, the older brother lost everything including his life. The younger on the other hand, got what he went after including a lot of money. Following your dreams, goals and passions instead of money will guarantee you true happiness with or without money. After all, you can ask these celebrities what they go through with all the money. The money they have does not make them happy or else most of them will not end up depressed, angry, and killing themselves with drug overdose.

What ever your belief system is, I tell you nothing but the truth: money is not everything. God is everything. Follow God and everything else in this world will be added unto you including the money we all chase.

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  1. I agree 100%, I don’t really care much for money either. I always said that money will never measure my success in life. Personally I never want to be rich because money and other material things are not important. The only thing I want money for is to be able to live comfortably for both myself and my future family.

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