Honorable Intentions…

“Honorable intentions should be the core in your relationship dealings” – Joe Darko

A lot people choose to deal with other people due to what they can solely get from that person. Some girls get in relationships with guys because the guy’s dad is a multi-millionaire. Some guys also get in relationships with girls just to sleep with them and leave them the next month or just because the girl is from a rich home. Others just want to have friends who they can easily lure into spending with them. You will be surprised to see some college students make friends with frat brothers just because it will enable them to get into frat parties for free. All these intentions are evil, manipulative and do not help when you are trying to establish any form of relationship with an individual.

A genuine interest in somebody will establish a faithful relationship; and like my dad always says, faithfulness pays but it is just a matter of time. Why do you want to be best friends with the president’s son? So you can “free-load” of his father’s riches? Most people who have no conciseness will quickly say YES, but the reasons should be honorable and respectful. Honorable intentions lead to better and stronger relationships.

I remember texting my dad  about this particular girl. He texted back and said “son, before you date this girl make sure you will not hurt her emotionally and your intentions are honorable”. Yes, no one can know your intentions (unless you tell them), so you can try to hide them to your advantage. The funny thing is, just like pregnancy, it will eventually show-out in due time (maybe not within 9 months, but it will definitely show). The difference is, pregnancy produces life. It brings out something good. Hiding your intentions will produce nothing but self destruction!

If there is one thing I learned at a very young age, it is definitely the saying “nothing can be hidden underneath the sun”.

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